12 Tips to Sprite through Summer – Start from the unisex perfume list

12 Tips to Sprite through Summer – Start from the unisex perfume list

Don’t we all envy school kids when its summer, wishing we too could get a 2 month off? If we did, quite a lot of us grown-ups would want to probably run to a cold country or hide under an oak tree’s shadow. Ok, so jokes apart, adaptability is a forte when it comes to us humans but we do have our own struggles when the weather changes. And when it’s summertime, it’s more like Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime sadness”! So, are you feeling sad or tired? And did you know that excessive exposure to sunlight can be a cause of depression? Well, we’re here to rescue you! Here’s a set of X things you must try to get through these summer days like a breeze of fresh air. And yes, it begins from the unisex perfume list.

  1. Deodorant / Perfume: Summer equals perspiration which also is a treat for the bacteria on your skin! So if you don’t want to be smelling like a forbidden creature from Loch Ness, use a perfume or a deodorant. You don’t need to be spending lavishly if you’re on a budget. This also gives you the space to get creative & make your impression with some signature fragrance.What’s your favorite fragrance? The best selling deodorant Or some fine French perfume that’s rich? And if you’re a super puzzled guy searching the internet for “Best Deo For Men in India”  you definitely need help. Find long-lasting perfumes for men at Lyla Blanc: (www.lylablanc.com)
  1. Water: Literally the best thing on earth! No matter how many large cokes you down or noisily gulp 3 cans of orange juice, nothing can replenish your body like water can. It’s rich in minerals, salts & electrolytes, we suggest you carry at least 1 liter of this magic liquid.
  1. Caps & cotton scarfs: Being “hot” is fine, being hot-headed is not! The 21stCentury is powered with more UV rays than ever, and these hitting your head can result in migraines, dizziness & roughening of the hair. So if you don’t want to look like a ruffled cock when you reach work. We suggest you use a cap or a scarf.
    1. Extra T-shirt: Wearing light colors like white, light blue, baby pink (which we suggest baby pink only if you’re as hunky as Hrithik Roshan or Liam Hemsworth) for the summer makes a lot of sense. Given the fact that light colors reflect sunrays & heat, these also help to keep your body temperature cooler. And as you’re also prone to sweat stains (& more) during summer, it’s wise to carry an extra T-shirt.
    1. Phone charger: Summer or not, the phone runs out of juice every day! So yes, when the days are longer, your phone, just like you needs to recharge more often.
    1. Fruits: If your digestive system could speak, it’d probably be crying out loud for the load it faces when you gobble on some greasy snack on the subway. Instead, carry an apple, some grapes, or citrus fruits. The benefits of doing this are:
    2. Your blood sugar levels are maintained,
      B. Your hunger pangs are satisfied without compromising on your body’s water content
      C. You get glowing skin!
    1. Sunblock lotion: You could use sunblock or walk around like a roasted duck. Everyone knows the summer sun is harsh and these dear readers needs no explanation.
    1. Lip balm: It’s a myth that you only need lip balm in winter. Lips can get dry either due to cold & dry weathers or even due to hot UV rays. Either way, you’re left with chapped & discolored lips. So carry a lip balm. Plus, it won’t harm to look good & get a few smiles flashed at you. 😉
    1. Medicines, Energy bars & Glucovita: There are times when what’s in your bag can be a lifesaver. So pack required medicines (not your entire medicine shelf though), some energy bars for quick munches when you feel low & Glucovita for those times when you’re about to faint under the scorching sun.
    1. An Umbrella: You can’t wear jackets or cover yourself up completely on a regular basis or you’ll just end up fainting.

    P.S. Carry an umbrella that can fit in your bag. Or you’ll just be poking people around, and that’s alright only on Facebook!

    Does this remind you of any funny umbrella moments? Drop a comment!

    1. Face wash: You step out of your house decked up for the day & when you reach your office, you look like you’ve just escaped from a battleground. Which face wash do you recommend?
    1. Goggles: Did you know that our eyes are literally the best lenses ever! (They’re even better than a 3 Lakh Rupee DSLR you could buy). Our eyes, God, we don’t appreciate them enough! Stepping out under such bright lights, exposing our precious little lenses to dust & dirt particles is the worst thing we can do. Protect them with a nice pair of Polarized Sunglasses.

    And do make sure to get the right pair of sunglasses as per your face shape & personality, or you’ll end up looking like Stevie Wonder (that too an uncool version whose without his talent).

    We hope you find these tips helpful. Stay cool this summer! And don’t forget to drop a comment.

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