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3 methods to improve the topic selection skill

Many writer should have a confusion that others publish articles of billions reading with a good topic weekly. On the contrary, why can’t you get just thousands reading for 5 articles in a week? What you can do is just jealous the success of others ? Your problem lies in selecting topic.As a writer, topic selection is playing a significant role in publishing a good article. If you don’t know it, you not only cannot finish the daily demand but also cannot make any progress with your work in the future. So, how important did the topic selection play?

3 Difficulties of Trouble Shooting for Topic Selection

The first difficult: your topic is not suitable for your reader

Many operators will face a same problem that his article reading quantity is less than his followers. Just because his topics are not suitable for various readers. Now i will introduce some methods and hope them can help you to figure out this problem.

Explicating the position    

Being a writer is the same as being a content operator, you need to explicit your position first. Then you can produce your content. Position means you need to clear your writing direction or operating target. Some writers are serving for the industry, so the content have to be related to its industry product or brand. Like Durex, its advertisement must be related to its brand. There are some writers who are not belonging to any industry or brand, they still need their own position. Like Mimeng, an emotional public account, definitely won’t talk seriously about the impact between China and America after the Trump team took office.

Before selecting the position, you need to know your product and the service to your product first. And the free writer, you’re your own product, so you need to know your advantages and make sure your writing is valuable first. Secondly, you need to explicit your operation target, which means you need to know whether you want to show your brand or industry or show your personal brand. Next, you need to explicit your content, your writing field, such as emotion, health, fashion and entertainment and so on. Last but not least, you need to explicit your role in your writing, such as master, intimate sister or some cute virtual characters.

  • Understand your users

How to understand your users? You need to know your users who you’re facing to. Then discover your users’ difficulties, demands and favors. Some writers have the confusion if they need to find their followers after they produced the contents or not? Or if they need to confirm their followers target first then produce their favor contents? I think it should the latter. Only the writer knows his target clearly, then can he produce the attracting content for his target. Although we can not satisfy all readers, at least we can attract our target.

Second Difficult: cannot find a good topic

There is a big problem for the writers that is they cannot find the topic or they don’t know what to write. Now I will share some experiences to you, hope it can help you.

  • You can get your inspiration by your user’s feedback

What kind of user’s comment we need? First, we need user’s appreciation or complain for our content, which can help us to clear our direction or revise our content at once. Secondly, we need our user’s suggestion. We need to figure out the most common part within our data. Like the blog’s ranking list, it will select the followers’ hottest suggestion to its topic, which will always resonate with their reader. So, how to get your user’s feedback? There are two methods for you, one is user survey, you can get your user’s data directly by survey. The other is direct communication, you can directly communicate with your user by comments and interaction.

  • You can build your own content base

When you’re browsing, watching video or during other past-time, you can build your own content base by collecting all the useful moment which will get a big help to your topic selection. You can collect not only from the website but also the hottest words, pictures, audio, video or other visual designed products in your content base. The meaning of your content base setting is to make sure that you can get the latest information in your familiar field, after that you can be as a leader in the industry. So, how to build your own content base? There are some methods for you and they can help you to enrich your own content base.

  • Regularly organize a meeting about topic selection: if your account is controlled by the team, you can regularly hold a meeting to share your day-to-day topic and materials.
  • Day-to day accumulation: you can accumulate all the funny words or pictures in your life which will become your writing material some day.
  • Focus on the hotspots: you should follow the news, twitter, Facebook and other kinds of lists to keep your own sensibility of hotspots.
  • Focus on the industry news: you should follow your peer and news about industry.
  • Focus on the special days: you should stand in the forefront of the industry, especially the influential competition or any other fixed programs. Also, some selling days are the special days, too.
  • Focus on your competitor: you need to focus the similar and successful account, and learn its topics, organization, fans interaction and writing skills and so on.
  • Make good use of the interactive quiz platform: you can make good use of the forum and other quiz platforms for searching the hot issues about your content. And you can also search the hotspots to get some nice topics.

The Third difficulty: You don’t know how to write a good topic

  • what is a good topic?

You need to understand what is a good topic before writing it out. A good topic have the following features:

  • potential: it means whether this topic is attractive enough and have a good potential to be extended or not.
  • Value: value is the importance of content. It means you need to know how many people did your content impact, who did you impact and how did you impact.
  • Particularity: you need to offer your reader different contents from other media with a same topic.
  • Values: you should express your value via your headline and contents structure. A good topic can resonate with readers and imply them to transfer your article.
  • How to write a good topic?

First, we need to determine your writing angle before writing. You can try to borrow the hot article’s format, refer to these articles’ writing idea and make a conclusion of the writing idea with the similar articles. Also, you can analyze your reader’s favor, demand and their emotional pain points. Last but not least, the most special method is to do the opposite one. That means you can pursuit the different one on purpose and it maybe will get a good effect. After you’ve determined your writing angle, you need to determine your writing keywords according to your reader’s portrait and searching data. Also, you need to think as more keywords as possible. Then you can determine your topic after selecting the keywords. Finally, you need to enrich your content according to your selected keywords. There are two ways to enrich your content:

  1. The rules of third: you can write your core topic in the middle of the nine-box, then you should try to fill up other eight squares according to your core topics but not for each others.
  2. Mind mapping: It can help you to organize your thoughts and dig deeply within the particular topic.

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