5 factors to consider while finding a cable gland manufacturer

5 factors to consider while finding a cable gland manufacturer

There are several Cable Gland Manufacturer producing cable accessories, cable cleats, cable glands and cable lugs. Also, as you may already know, there is a wide range of cable glands available for various applications. So, how would you choose the best manufacturer?  What should you consider while putting your trust in a cable gland manufacturer? Let’s delve into the details and find out. Here are the 5 factors:-

  1. Trusted Name

Cable glands are used in the very explosive environment and the safety of the electrical equipment is of utmost importance. Therefore, an electrical components manufacturer with many years of experience who maintain high-quality standards should be trusted. The other factors are the timely delivery of goods to national and international market.  The company should have a strong logistic team capable enough to deliver consistently as per the requirement.

Therefore, keep safety as the priority and choose a trusted name in electrical component manufacturing for cable glands.

  1. Testing capabilities and Certifications

As cable glands are used under different environmental conditions, it is very necessary that the components are tested repeatedly. Therefore, a Cable Gland manufacturer must have the capability to run numerous quality checks. No compromise should be made with the quality of product and excellence at all levels is a must. Multiple quality checks should be done to ensure that all the components are quality tested as per national and international standards.

Some of the popular standards a cable gland manufacture must comply are:-


  1. A manufacturer with a wide range of cable types should be selected

There are basically two types of cable types. One is the armored cable and the other is unarmoured. Some are used for industrial applications while others for heavy duty industries. This clearly suggests that you should find a manufacturer who makes a wide range of cable glands which can fulfill your requirement.


  1. Brass cable glands is a must

A cable gland is made of Aluminium, Steel, Brass and various plastics. As brass is a combination of zinc and copper, it is able to resist corrosion effectively and neutralizes high temperature easily. This increases the durability and life of the cable gland. Therefore, brass cable glands can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

This is the reason you must consider a manufacturer who produces brass cable glands of top quality

Axis India, the leading cable lug, Cable Cleats Manufacturer provide high-quality cable glands made up of brass with a large array of sizes and safety standards.

  1. Latest Technologies

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, an electrical component manufacturer should always keep up with the latest technologies and develop new components. A world class manufacturer and supplier of electrical components would anticipate the need of the customer in the market and will leverage the latest technologies and sophisticated machinery to produce innovative cable glands and other electrical equipment.

Axis India is one such electrical component manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience. They export to the USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE and to over 80 countries across the globe. The expert logistics team is highly capable to deliver components in time at competitive prices. Axis India has the advantage of state of the art in-house facilities and latest machines to test cable glands and other electrical components. Regular research and development have lead Axis India to manufacture and export a premium range of electrical components as well. For more details, visit http://axis-india.com/.

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