Although summer is the season of the year that poses the least inconvenience to respiratory health, the changes in temperature typical of the cooling of the environments versus the heat from the outside can cause some diseases. How to avoid the irritating effects of cold.

The image is repeated in offices, shopping malls, private homes and in almost all enclosed spaces: a person who is overwhelmed by high temperatures needs a few minutes to warm up due to the cold proper of an air conditioner that works uninterruptedly during the 24 hours.

And although summer is the season that causes fewer complications to the respiratory system and health in general, the abuse of refrigeration systems exposes people to sudden changes in temperature, humidity and infectious or allergic agents that could make them ill.

“In the summer, heat may be intolerable in many areas without a fresh shelter or the possibility of air conditioning, but it is very important to take into account that the lack of ventilation in enclosed spaces, added to the poor cleaning of the filters of air conditioners, leads to the accumulation of allergenic particles, such as pollens, household dust, and mites, also increasing the possibility of infections by accumulating germs,

The roles of the upper airway and the nose are essential when heating, filtering and humidifying the air that is inhaled. , just the opposite of what happens with the environment conditioned by an appliance, where the air cools and loses moisture “. “It is clear that the abuse of this comfort measure exposes the body to greater susceptibility to triggering oropharyngeal irritation (sore throat), rhinitis, cough, bronchospasm, dry mucous membranes and infections,” he said.

The cold acts as an irritant, especially at the level of the throat, causing discomfort or pain and sometimes laryngitis and dysphonia. ” Also, in susceptible people, bronchospasm can be provoked, and the decrease in the humidity in the environment dries mucous membranes, making it difficult to manage secretions.

The experts gave a series of recommendations for using ac on rent in Gurgaon without harming health:

1- Maintain and clean the air conditioning equipment, at least once a year, to reduce exposure to allergens and the accumulation of germs.

2- Avoid direct exposure to air conditioning, taking into account the hours of sleep, where exposure may be longer.

3- Perform intervals in which the air conditioning is off, to ventilate the environment and reduce the dryness produced by it.

4- Try to maintain the ambient temperature between 24 and 26 degrees.

5- Drinking water or fruit juices will not only help the body in general but also facilitate the hydration of the respiratory tract.

“These recommendations are general care and do not take into account the individual aspects that should be evaluated in each patient.


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