1. Keep dry Due to the instability of the metal used in the hardware, it is easy to oxidize and rust in a humid environment. Therefore, the most basic requirement for hardware maintenance is to keep it dry. 2. In the summer, it is often cleaned and maintained in the summer. It is hot and humid in the summer. When using the bag, the hardware of the body will get the sweat and grease on the hand. If it can’t be cleaned up in time, the sweat and grease will accumulate in the corner. Erosion of hardware, resulting in oxidation and rust of hardware.

2. Frequent Wiping When the Fake Cheap Hermes Handbag is used and maintained, it is necessary to always wipe the hardware with a dry cloth, which can effectively alleviate the oxidation and aging of the hardware.

3. Cleaning of hardware When the hardware is dirty, it should be cleaned in time. The cleaning method is: add a proper amount of neutral detergent in clean water, and carefully wipe it with a toothbrush or cloth sputum solution. The cleaning time must be shortened as much as possible. After washing, it should be air-dried in a cool dry place.

4. It is found that the oxidation should be treated in time to avoid the oxide on the body. When the hardware is oxidized or rusted, it must be treated in time to avoid the oxide or metal rust on the body.

5. Oxidation treatment When the hardware is oxidized, if it is gold, it can be wiped with a silver cloth. If it is other colors, you can use the finest sandpaper to gently polish the oxide layer and then clean the sanding area.

6. Care for the safety of the hardware. When cleaning and polishing, please cover several layers of paper or dry towel on the bag around the hardware to avoid affecting the leather around the hardware during cleaning and polishing. .

7. When storing, use paper to wrap the hardware. When the bag is not used for a long time, you should first do a comprehensive maintenance on the bag, and then save it properly. In order to avoid oxidation or rust of the hardware, the application paper will be wrapped in the hardware part of the Replica New Hermes Bag, and then stored in a cool and dry place.

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