These days there are so many courses by studying in which you can become the fashion designer that you have always wanted to be. The first among them is a diploma in fashion designing. Apart from that, you can take an advanced diploma followed by a Bachelor of Arts (honors) course at the institute where you have undertaken the diploma program. With the help of these programs, you would be able to get the sort of detailed understanding that you need in order to become a top-notch designer. You would understand how you can use your creativity and fuse it with the technology at your beck and call.

How are these courses designed?

The top fashion designing institutes in India design their courses in such a way — with a lot of care it must be added — that you are able to understand the various concepts of the art of design. There are a number of processes that play a very important part in the context of the final production. By taking part in these courses you would be able to understand really well how these things work. These courses are made up of class lectures, practical exercises, demonstrations, and projects.

What do these courses cover?

These courses cover basically any and everything to deal with fashion. They may be enumerated as below:

  • Colour theory and design principles
  • Computer-aided designs
  • Couture technology
  • Academic research and communication skills
  • Styles and trends in fashion
  • Fibres and textiles
  • Design research and development
  • Marketing Foundation
  • Pattern drafting
  • Fashion Draping
  • Developing textiles
  • Sewing application
  • Introduction to brand management
  • Fashion drawing
  • Industrial attachment
  • Menswear
  • History of costumes
  • Mini collections
  • Fashion sketching and illustration
  • Pattern aided design, grading, and costing
  • Advanced sewing techniques
  • Critical research and theory
  • Developing fashion
  • Competitive fashion design
  • Technical drawings and garment typology

What are the career opportunities that you have after this course?

By studying in these courses you would be able to work in the following roles and more:

  • Costume designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Fashion consultant
  • Personal Shopper
  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion stylist
  • Fashion forecaster
  • Pattern designer
  • Fashion coordinator
  • Production supervisor

Why should you study in these courses?

If you are looking to become a designer worth the name there are a few things that you should take care of and first of them is the quality of education. Your training should be diverse and comprehensive and allow you to work in the various roles of the fashion designer with élan. As you may have seen by now these courses provide you with complete training — there is no compromise in that particular regard — and you can also work in a number of profiles as well. It also helps that in the kind of courses we are talking about over here the diploma is being offered by some of the top universities and colleges in this world.


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