No harm, no foul. Play fair this Summer with Best Deodorants (under 200)

They say life is a sport, but there are times in life when you realize you’re not that great & mentally say, “I stink!” Saving you from that doomed feeling, we’re sharing some of the most played summer sports & dropping some tips on how to not stink at them (literally)!

  1. Cricket: Summer is the best time to enjoy cricket in the ‘Gully’, on a field or at a proper Cricket pitch. There’s no chance of rain, no wind to control the ball speed & very little dew. Cricket is almost an all-round sport which involves mental alertness, agility & a blend of so many activities like running for One-Dees & Two-Dees, bowling, batting & fielding! So if you can’t play that well and feel left out when your friends play or are mostly spending your time like a sitting duck as an extra, here’s a tip for you! – Don’t try to all round, pick one thing (batting, bowling or fielding)- Focus- Work on your timing – Stay confident or your body language reveals your intended shot And to make sure that you’re still confident after hours of chasing or facing the ball, use a good long lasting deodorant. Get Best Deodorants For Men Under 200at Lyla Blanc. Visit: (

And if you’re on the Women’s Cricket team or just love playing cricket with your guy friends, there’s stuff for you as well. Find Best Deodorants For Women Under 200 at Lyla Blanc.

  1. Football: Do you play with your girl/guy team wearing ‘Rooney’, ‘Ronaldo’ jerseys? Or are practising to actually become a player for India’s next Football Premiere League? Either way, the fundamental remains the same: Save or Score! (Gif to be added)These tips can help you:- Figure out your kicking foot & use it as a supporting one for strong kicks- While aiming for a goal, kick in the opposite position than that of the goalkeeper’s ankles- Be quick, don’t give the opponents time to think

So if you want to breeze through the soccer, oops football field like a pro, use these tips and also use a long lasting deo / perfume for those post-victory team huddles! Browse through your options of Best Summer Fragrances for Men & women on Lyla Blanc: ( Do you have some useful tips on Football? Drop a comment & help others!

  1. Basketball: Now this is one game where there’s a lot of arms lifting! Woah (covers nose… Slam dunk? No thanks.) We bet it looks good on TV & in ‘Space Jam’ but on court, you’ll probably want to stop, drop & roll! Especially in this summer heat. Thought basketball deals with some complex relativity powers, here are some tips to help you slam dunk better: (Gif to be added)– For running jumps, try to maintain a smooth transition between your vertical & horizontal speed so you have enough time for a precise calculated dunk- Make sure your toes point the rim and your elbows are tucked near your body at a 90 degree angle- Use the flexibility of your wrists while releasing the ball for a perfect shoot

Are you a Basketball Pro? It’d be great if you too could add to these tips! Drop a comment.

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