When it comes to your Wedding Day, we all want to look good, feel good and the most important smell good. On our Wedding Day from the morning till evening we get busy in many events, rituals, traditions, and culture for all these we need to feel special rather than just looking good. So it becomes important to find a perfect Wedding Day Perfume for Brides. Before you start spritzing, you’ll need to know when to shop, how to test out several perfumes, and what will determine the best scent for your body.

Following are some points which will help you to find the New Women’s Perfume for Wedding Day:

  1. Consider Venue
  2. Forgo your Signature Scent
  3. Find a Perfume with a Higher oil content than the water
  4. Skip the Blotting strip
  5. Take your time
  6. Try a Custom Blend
  1. Consider Venue

Like your Wedding Venue and overall decoration, the right fragrance can elevate the overall ambience of your Wedding and spread the sweet aroma to your surroundings. How does your venue play an important role in your final decision?

Rose and other floral-inspired scents with sweet top notes will play nicely in a Garden Venue, while at a vineyard, succulent fruity scents like fig and blackberry with warm notes of cedar wood and musk are ideal.

If you are preparing for a beach wedding, then opt for fresh and clean scents.

If you’re a city girl, go for floral and green leaves for a simple elegance.

  1. Forgo your Signature Scent

On your wedding day which is a big special day, you might want to put down your entire day with classy fragrance. Of course, you don’t want to pick a fragrance that’s very different from what you’re used to. Even though you want something new, it should still smell exotic for your Wedding Day. If matching your Wedding Day fragrance to your venue just isn’t your thing. Always pick a scent that reminds you of your favorite memory with your life partner. Maybe it was your first date, or the moment your soul mate got down on one knee and proposed you for Wedding.

  1. Find a Perfume with a Higher oil content than the water

You need to look and smell good whole day on your special day. Fragrances with higher oil content are long-lasting and are best for Wedding Day. Higher content of oil typically last longer and are easily activated by increased movement and make it a special memory, which is perfect once you hit the dance floor on your Sangeet Ceremony. While you’re searching for the perfect perfume, opt for a fragrance oil spray which carries a touch of class for Bridals and suits for all Wedding occasions.

  1. Skip the Blotting strip

You don’t know how a perfume will smell on your Skin or Body unless you don’t spritz it on our skin. Aim the fragrance at pulse points like your wrist, neck, and decolletage. Limit yourself to two perfumes per shopping trip because too many fragrances can become a problem for choosing a perfect perfume for you. You can also Buy Fragrances Online by getting all the information on top, middle, and base notes.

  1. Take your time

You should be in no hurry in finding the perfect fragrance for your Wedding Day. Search for as many perfumes you can and then only make a right decision. As you try out various fragrances, stick with one for a bit. Most fragrances take at least half an hour to dry, and until it does, you won’t be able to smell the top, middle, and base notes of perfume. While you’re at the counter, ask if you can take away one or two samples so that you can observe the changes over time.

  1. Try a Custom Blend

Examined every scent under the sun and still confused? Then why not try out perfumes from online stores? Here you can get a perfect blend of custom fragrances where you can get the notes you want in your perfume. The Fragrance Shop, which is in near your locality, stocks well over 300 different oils, ranging from spicy to sweet scents, for guests to create a personalized fragrance that’s their own. If you buy fragrances online you will get a much different range of perfumes and notes which can suit your special day and get compliments from everyone who attend your wedding.

While searching for your wedding perfume, follow these points which will make your buying easy and help you find the perfect fragrance. Find a wide range of Latest Women Perfumes for wedding day at Lyla Blanc and make your big day more special. For offers and discounts, visit

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