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The summer season is around the corner and there are lots of exciting things to do. The longer days mean additional time for outdoor activities, extended get-togethers, and more fun. There are summer-only vegetables to eat, ice creams to enjoy and cold drinks to gulp down. Along with all the pleasures the season brings, the humidity of the summer season is a bit of a worry. It is a scary thought especially in a place like Mumbai where one may start the day with morning sweat and commute on the train. This is where deodorants will come in handy. We are going to look at major places in India, where the humidity is hellish for some and how you can escape from it this summer. You won’t have to spend a big chunk of money as some useful tips would be enough along with Deodorant Combo Offers to keep you lively all through the season. The first thing to note about humid places is that they are located near the equator of the earth. Secondly, all these places are near coastal regions with seas, beaches, and oceans. These are some of the best places in India which have humid climate:-

1.  Mumbai

Mumbai is the place where dreams and aspirations meet reality and success.  The success comes with hard work and everyday consistent effort brings with it unbearable sweat because Mumbai is moderately hot with high levels of humidity. The place is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the west and some parts of South thereby increasing humidity.
No one is spared from the ignominy of leaking armpits. So, what does one do? Does the thought of sweating itself makes you say “No way” or “Well, that’s how life goes on in Mumbai”? Whatever be the response, there are a lot of ways you can beat the heat which will be looking later on the blog.
2.   Kerala
Do not be surprised by God’s own country- Kerala on the list. Yes, with all the greenery, backwater and so much rain all throughout the year in Kerala, the humidity is not any less. There are a couple of reasons for the same. First, the average temperature of the place always remains around 30- 35-degree Celsius. But, the relative humidity which is around 90 % is what makes the place so much humid than other places even during rainy season.The second point is a more technical one, here it is:-

  • Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. The warm air in Kerala due to hot climate holds the water molecules increasing the moisture content. This leads to the humid climate.
    So, when you plan to visit Kerala, don’t forget to surf the net for Top Deodorant Brandsbuy few and keep them in your bags. For best deodorant prices and offers, you can visit websites like out for these humid places before planning your vacation in summer season:-
    ·         Bhubaneshwar in Odisha
    ·         Cherrapunji in Meghalaya
    ·         Panaji in Goa
    ·         Amritsar in Punjab
    ·         Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir
    So, now that you know the most humid places in India, we have prepared few important and useful tips which will help you get through the summer season enjoying it.

    ·         Drink lots of water

    The summer months will squeeze all the juice from your body. Be proactive and drink lots of water in the morning and keep yourself hydrated. Lime water and juices are also good drinks to have in summer

    ·         Avoid heavy foods
    The high metabolic activity makes your body emit heat. Therefore, try avoiding non-vegetarian food. Take light and healthy food.

    ·         Wear cotton clothes
    In places like Mumbai and Kerala, the best way to beat the heat is to wear cotton clothes which are easy on your body and let the air seep through them.

    Use Deodorants
    Keep a tab on the Best Summer Fragrances For Men which are really helpful if you are on the sweatier side. You can buy multiple types of deodorants for each occasion. There are many men’s deodorant combo offers along with many offers for women and unisex deodorants available at Lyla Blanc.
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