Why do we see numbers or codes on the screen while watching TV?

Why do we see numbers or codes on the screen while watching TV?

Why do we see numbers or codes on the screen while watching TV?

Whats that random number that often appears on your TV screen while you are watching a movie?
How VC number prevent Piracy?

If you too are asking same questions, then you are at right place. By increasing of you-tubers and FB video uploads, Chances of videos piracy increasing day by day. maximum umber of peoples uploading video by recording through their TV sets and other possible mediums. It is a Digital Watermark to prevent piracy. Every set top box shows unique codes or numbers. This random numbers on screen used to trace them who do recording TV serials, movies and other live broadcast from their TV sets.

Lest see how channel provider prevent piracy

Each user receives a unique number. If someone records a video and tries to reproduce it in market by violating copyright terms, he can be traced easily from that number shown frequently in that video. Isn’t that amazing?
These numbers are a part of the anti-piracy measures taken by channels. Let me tell you how it works :

(1) This number you see on your television is generated for every region,using some hashing algorithm.
(2) This number is interspersed in the video stream at random places,so that it cant be taken down by using video processing algorithms.

So If someone tries to take a video of this stream/show either using a video camera or by using screen recording, this number will go into the recorded video using the media company(the owner) can track down the place of recording, and hopefully catch the people involved in this crime.

It is a Digital Watermark to prevent piracy

If you record the show going on using a can and upload it , this watermark would help broadcasters to track you. It is unique ID for each set top box. They will probably then ban you from using the service or even go further.

Though you can blur it , its a big task and many people wouldn’t know the reason hence they can get caught!

What is VC number? and full form of VC number

Full form of VC number is Viewing Card Number

What is purpose of VC number?

VC card number has multiple purpose, read above for deep information.

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