Comparison of cloud and enterprise java

Comparison of cloud and enterprise java

The code written by a java developer is deployed in the servers like J-Boss server or cloud based server. The cloud applications bring no change in the coding whereas they bring the change in the administration. Writing a JPA entity and coding for the servlet is the same process in the cloud application but the complex problems in the runtime are handled smoothly in the Cloud applications. Let us discuss about some of applications which are used in cloud which requires the java knowledge. JAVA Training in Chennai hones the technical skills and initiates the practical knowledge which fosters the chances to clear the interviews.

Oracle and Java

This is suitable for the Java EE application and Oracle web logic server domain. This is cloud based environment where everything is preconfigured and the instances in the programming language are used. The need can be designed as per the business like the acceptance testing, staging and the development. It is helpful for the businesses to use the cloud and java technology together with this application. JAVA Course in Chennai is selected by the huge professionals as the opportunities are high and the learners scale up themselves to compete in the big competition.

Amazon and Java

Eclipse Java IDE users find it easy to use Amazon toolkit and it is like a plug in for the IDE users. The development, testing and deployment all the three functions are completed with the help of the AWS tool kit. The Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Dynamo DB and more are the API’s of the Amazon. The package of the AWS is downloadable. The tutorials are easily available in the form of AWS Java library, code samples and documentation. Java Training Institute in Chennai trains the candidates with the help of the industry experts and makes them ready to rally in the big crowd of the java programmers. Take up Selenium Training in Chennai with the Java course, so that you will knowledge in both Java and Selenium.

Google App Engine and Java

The Google App Engine applications are easily deployable with Java using the servlets or server code. This provides the security and customization with the operations like automatically scale the traffic, understand the load, micro services, authorization, SQL, noSQL databases, memcache, traffic splitting, logging, search, version control rool out, roll backs, and security scanning. To run applications in this platform the requirement is the app.yam1 file and the pom.xml file.

Cloud foundry

This is the platform provided by the VMware initially and not it is owned by the EMC, VMware and the general electric. OSS, pivotal CF and PWS are the three cloud foundry of this platform. As it supports the life cycle of the application the continuous delivery is easily managed with this platform. Join the Best JAVA Training Institute in Chennai to learn the skills required to clear the java interview.

Heroku and Java

Heroku is used to deploy the java applications in the cloud environment. The servers can be tomcat or jetty and the frameworks can be spring or play. This platform gives freedom to use the tools that developer love. This is used for the software delivery and it is highly suitable for the programming languages like java, node js, scala, clojure, python , php and Go. Java Training is the best training to have a prospective growth in the job industry. Even Hadoop Training in Chennai demands more in the software industry

Open shift

Open shift is a platform which is used to deploy and run the java applications. The selection of server and frameworks are the choice of the java developer in this platform. This platform supports the files like the source file and the WAR file for the deployment.

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