Consider these 5 points before choosing a manufacturer or supplier of earthing & lightning protection system

Consider these 5 points before choosing a manufacturer or supplier of earthing & lightning protection system

A bolt of lightning can discharge 5000 – 20,000 amps as per most measurements. But, currents over 2, 00,000 amps have also been reported in the past. In the event of such lightning strikes, it is very essential to protect the buildings and electrical systems widely used in homes & industries.

Don’t you want the roof of buildings or manufacturing plants to be safe from this kind of energy? In order to prevent devastation through lightning strikes, standard Earthing & Lightning Protection system is the only solution. In order to get such high-quality products, you must select a very reliable manufacturer/supplier for your electrical needs.

Here are 5 major points to consider while choosing the concerned manufacturer or supplier. Let’s see what they are:-

1. Affordable Prices

If you have just started as an electrical contractor or maintenance company, affordable prices are a pre-requisite. However, it is strongly advised by industry leaders that one should not compromise with the quality. When we talk about Earthing components like earth bar and disconnecting link, it is very important that you use high-quality products. Therefore, strike the right balance and choose manufacturers and supplier who provide quality products at competitive prices.

2. Reliable

What do you mean by reliability when it comes to electrical components supplier? It means delivery of products at the right time whenever the requirement arises.

It is very important to choose those manufacturers or suppliers who can keep their promise of delivering goods. Suppose you want a bulk order of copper bonded earth rod urgently, the supplier must be capable enough to fulfill your need.

Axis India Pvt Ltd. is one the leading electrical brands which has a great logistics team and able workforce to meet your requirements consistently.

3. Supplier History

Always do a check of the supplier history. This will help you to gauge the strength of the manufacturer cum supplier. Look at financial stability by checking the credit history of the supplier. See to what places do they supply, what is the profits they are making and so on. This is important to understand whether the concerned supplier can provide as and when required by you.

4. Location

This factor is often overlooked while dealing with electrical manufacturers & suppliers. It is advised to go for suppliers who are located nearby you. Also, if you find a foreign supplier and looks to import, check for the freight policy and prices. It can play to your advantage if the foreign supplier promises discounts on bulk orders.

5. Trust & Relationship

Generally, big suppliers are reliable and trustworthy as well. Look for their export record, business partners and other business relationships. If you are in for a long-term contract with the manufacturer/supplier, trust plays a crucial role and forming a continuous healthy relationship is a necessity. By building a good partnership, you can get help with rush orders and prices.

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