Which is better between 2.5D curved glass or Gorilla Glass or corning gorilla glass?

Which is better between 2.5D curved glass or Gorilla Glass or corning gorilla glass?

Which is better between 2.5D curved glass or Gorilla Glass or corning gorilla glass?

Both of them together, corning gorilla glass and 2.5 D curved Glass.

You can have a 2.5 D curved glass (which basically looks good, but not sure is it provide any protection) or a corning gorilla glass trusted name for protection but in some manner, it degrades the front appearance if we compare with only 2.5 d curved glass.

Both gorilla glass and curved 2.5d have solution to adopt other’s features. Few instances are available in market as well that Gorilla Glass itself, just shaped in this way that would be the best combo. (the only example I can think of now is lava x81, which has a 2.5 D curved gorilla Glass 3)

On the other side 2.5 curved glass also coming with super hard glass which we cannot count less than gorilla glass 3 in term of mobile phone screen protection. Latest instant available in market is Huawei Honor 9i. It’s fabricated with super hard 2.5 d curved glass.


My Honest Choice between Gorilla glass 3 and 2.5 D curved glass.

Generally, in the event that I need to pick between the 2, I would pick the Gorilla since it gives some protection to mobile screen. In the event that it’s a glass with no security by any stretch of the imagination, you should in any case utilize a screen monitor, which nullifies the whole point of having a gorgeous 2.5D curved!


Is there any need of treated glass or screen watch on gorilla glass 4?

In the event that your mobile phone is outfitted with Gorilla glass, at that point a safety glass is superfluous. Get a decent reinforcement case. Individuals give a wide range of weak clarifications for purchasing safety glass saying that it won’t hurt burning through 200 rupees to ensure a 40000-rupee telephone. The truth is that it isn’t required.

When we drop a telephone that is furnished with safety glass, we ordinarily locate the treated glass split. And after that we thank our stars. “Say thanks to God I had safety glass!” This is broken thinking taking care of business. Because the treated glass broke, it doesn’t imply that your gorilla glass would have had a similar destiny if the tempered glass insurance been not there. In all actuality had there been no treated glass, nothing would have split. Most likely the edges of the telephone.

Gorilla glass needs hard material, stones or harder materials like diamond to get scratched. Unless you keep free precious stones or cubic boron nitride granules in your pocket, you’re not going to scratch the gorilla glass. What’s more, gorilla safety glass is harder than most glass assortments.

Spend the cash on a decent protective layer case, ideally a marked one. Spigen makes some great protective layers that you’d need to look at. Try not to spend your money on treated glass since everyone has one!!


Why is Corning gorilla glass scratch-proof?

I’ll elaborate on it here (including pretty pictures and video). I also did a little digging in Corning’s patent portfolio, so we can speculate a bit on Corning’s corporate secrets at the very end 🙂

Gorilla Glass’ engineering seems to come down to three main steps. Each step is in public knowledge, although the finer details are kept secret:


For (1), Corning utilizes an aluminosilicate glass with extra pollutions, yet doesn’t state what those contaminations are. Aluminosilicate is known for its warm solidness, substance security, natural hardness, and straightforwardness. Anything Corning includes would likely improve at least one of those properties. Regular debasements utilized as a part of the glass business incorporate magnesium, calcium, and boron.

Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are both hard and extreme glasses. Both these glasses are scratch safe and are extremely hard to break. Here I am making an unmistakable examination between these two to discover what makes them not quite the same as each other as far as their properties and utilization. Gives First a chance to become more acquainted with what is Gorilla Glass, Sapphire glass, Tempered Glass and Dragontrail glass


Gorilla Glass:

Gorilla glass is enlisted trademark of Corning Glass Company of USA, it’s a salt aluminosilicate sheet toughened glass, it’s a unique kind of glass which has following properties, it’s hard, thin, lightweight and scratch safe, after Steve occupations utilized gorilla glass on iPhone, gorilla glass turned into the decision of all top of the line gadget producers and utilized as a part of workstations, mobiles, tablets and other convenient gadgets Gorilla glass have diverse forms, similar to Gorilla glass 2 and more up to date and better Gorilla glass 4, which is more smash safe the past age glasses Additionally, please take note of that it’s not the glass which is scratch safe but rather it’s the “mystery” covering these producers make which gives the hardness alongside the concoction procedure of making glass bonds more grounded

corning gorilla glass vs sphere glassSapphire Glass:

Sapphire isn’t glass at everything except it’s a crystalline material, sapphire glass is made of manufactured sapphire which are made in labs. Manufactured sapphire is for the most part made by applying staggeringly high warmth and weight to aluminium oxide powder and getting pieces of engineered Sapphire glass, these squares are then cut and cleaned in screen sizes and this is what is known as a sapphire glass

Sapphire is hard and contrasted with gorilla or dragon trail glass yet sapphire transmits 6% less light. Additionally, its heavier than gorilla glass of same thickness. Sapphire glass is just the same old thing new, infect fantastic watches have been utilizing sapphire glass from quite a while yet the watch glass are normally 2 to 3 times thicker than the glass utilized on cell phones. In any case, this has now changed, as organizations have found to create sapphire glass as screens. Yet, sapphire is inclined to breaks, they can smash effectively contrasted with Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail glass.

Dragontrail:dragontrail glass vs gorilla glass

Dragontrail is likewise a soluble base aluminosilicate glass which is made by Asahi Glass organization of Japan, Dragontrail is thought to be safer than gorilla glass 2 and assume to oppose scratch better, it can likewise bolster more weight up to 60kg. despite the fact that in drop tests it doesn’t look at well against the Gorilla glass. it can break more effectively than GG3

tempered glass vs gorilla glass vs 2.5d curved glassTempered glass:

Tempered glass screen defenders are basically toughened glass, they are warm treated and synthetically treated to make it more grounded, it basically is same as a GG or Dragontrail glass yet made to secure gadgets. it contains diverse layers like silicon, PVC sheet between glass layers to give it affect protection. treated glass are basically intended to give you a similar glass feel of your gadget screen however to ensure against minor scratches, drops. thing to note here is that many treated glass merchants assert it to have hardness of 9, yet those cases are for the most part false. the same comparative hardness as your ordinary GG

Hardness levels of corning gorilla glass and 2.5 D curved glass:

Presently to comprehend what makes these glasses impervious to scratches thus hard, we need to comprehend something many refer to as “Mohs size of mineral hardness” in layman terms, this scale implies, anything that has hardness not as much as the material won’t scratch it. For instance, quartz has hardness of 7 on Mohs scale, so a material preferences copper won’t have the capacity to scratch quartz

Corning gorilla glass has a Mohs hardness of 6 for Gorilla glass 2 and it’s supposed to be 6.7 for newer Gorilla glass 3. Dragontrail glass has hardness of around 6.5 on mohs scale while sapphire glass has hardness of 8 ~ 9.

Now that we know the basics, lets clear few things

Gorilla glass, Dragontrail glass, even your Tempered glass and sapphire glass will all scratch, sapphire will be the hardest to scratch yet will scratch none the less, so once you put them or have them dont anticipate that your gadget will be impenetrable to harm. treated glass may oppose scratches better yet have a tendency to break.


Which glass is better, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 or Soda-lime glass? Why?

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 versus Soda Lime Glass

Gorilla Glass 3 accompanies Native Damage Resistance which offers “improving scratch protection, lessens scratched perceivability and better retrained quality once a scratch happens” over past ages of Gorilla Glass, as per corning.

Gorilla Glass 3 as being up to three times more harm safe than Gorilla 2 and also having the capacity to better oppose profound scratches that tend to make glass break.

Gorilla Glass 3 additionally offers artificially fortified assurance that makes the glass less fragile and significantly harder than past ages of Gorilla Glass.

Pop Lime Glass is utilized as a part of numerous scratch pad, which may bring about glass breaking.

***Corning Gorilla Glass is better since, it has many progressed improving highlights contrasted with Soda Lime Glass. **


If Still you have any doubt to understand difference between gorilla glass and 2.5D curved Glass than you can ask us in comment below or just mail us at care@5ab.in


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