Safety is a crucial element when it comes to electrical equipments. It is very important to know the performance and precautions of the particular equipment. On any and every ground safety should not be compromised. So, here are a few safety guidance tips on a few electrical types of equipment that will help you to nail the job.

Suspension Clamp for ab cable

While using the suspension clamps make sure you have selected the right suspension clamp that meets the requirements of the job. Eye safety glasses are another important safety tool. Ensure that the pressure plate and the anvil parts of the clamp are connected properly before executing the work on the same. Using wrenches, pipes, hammers, or pliers to tighten suspension clamps for ab cable or any other cable is not advisable. In such cases, a deep throat suspension clamp can be used.
Insulator hardware fittings

Insulator Hardware fittings are daily required equipment. This equipment is highly used in electricl appliances. Make sure that the hardware fittings you use are not damaged. Using insulate rubber gloves is one of the primary safety measures. Only work on the de-energized equipment followed by using a tester on it. Checking all the hanging wires and metallic panels before proceeding with the work is mandatory.

Tape to cable

How do cable wires normally or most often look? Without any second thought, the answer is – most often cable wires are in an entangled situation. Therefore, tape to cable is very important. Make sure all the cable wires are upgraded with the latest industry standards. Organize each label with an appropriate label in order to avoid confusions or dangerous situations in future. Make sure the tracing of each wire is maintained for smooth execution. When above-mentioned safety tips are incorporated in one’s daily routine, chances to any kind of damage is less. Everyelectrical equipment is best used when safety measures are followed. And, Axis India is one of the best electrical component manufacturing company which has the best quality products meeting industry standards. It owns more than 20 years of experience and exports their goods to the USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE and more than 80 countries across the globe.   Axis India uses completely high grades of materials. Also, all the products undergo the testing parameters which guarantee the precise dimensions, rust resistance, durable finishing and many other important quality aspects. For more details, visit:


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