Following Our Passion

We started Casa Amarosa, with the simple idea of selling premium home decor products without a background in the design, manufacture or sale of any of these products. It started as a passion project, and still remains so, where we wanted to make the best decorative pillows, throws and every home product that I could add. However, as soon as we started on this adventure, it became clear to me that the process of designing and manufacturing wholesale home decor products would never become an easy or mundane task.

Getting Started

The process begins for us by recognizing wholesale home decortrends, whether it is for wholesale blankets and throws or wall art. We constantly scour industry related websites, trend magazines, and every source of information that mentions any of our products. This is a never-ending process as there is always some new article about the ‘Best Places to Buy Wholesale Home Décor’ or a new website that does drop ship throws like us. Nevertheless, the whole team is constantly sifting through this information to find the nuggets of gold that are guiding the industry trends.

Designing Process

The next step is to actually start designing the products using new fabric ideas or the wholesale fabrics stored in our warehouses. This step happens at least twice a year to reflect the major changes taking place between the different seasons.

The design room is a flurry of activity as different elements are constantly being tested with the wholesale fabrics, kitchen aprons, accent pillows and the others in our menagerie of products. To finally finish the design of a product and say with conviction that “Everybody will love this throw as much as me” is not an easy step to take.  There is always a seed of doubt that maybe an extra tassel is what will make the product the hottest new item. However, the final decision must be taken and the final stitch must be made with a confidence that shows to the customers.

A sketch of the finished design envisioned by the textile designer is made for all the final products. The designer’s deep understanding of the technical aspects of production helps our artisans in visualizing the end product.

Finishing Touches

The final step is sampling. If there are any issues in the design or if the manufacturing of such a design is infeasible, they will be spotted during this step. We might have what seems like the best idea of wholesale throws and pillow covers but the shortcomings of even the best idea will become abundantly clear when a technical issue forces us to abandon it.

This whole design process may be complicated, long and never ending but it is nonetheless fulfilling and keeps our creativity satiated enough to keep coming back for more.

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