Forex weekly Update | Forex Trading Upcoming Week 26 March to 30 March

Forex weekly Update | Forex Trading Upcoming Week 26 March to 30 March

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Upcoming trading week may have nothing important on economic calendar but trade war fears may bring exotic volatility. After a busy week of FOMC meeting and Bank of England Monetary Policy Meeting we are now in last and very  important week of trading , as its last week of final quarter 2017.

So FoxaMoney bring Top upcoming economic events that could affect the market in its own way.


  1. S GDP Q4

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures the annualized change in the inflation-adjusted value of all goods and services produced by the economy. It is the broadest measure of economic activity and the primary indicator of the economy’s health.

SO the final figures of U.S GDP Q 4 are set to release on Feb 28 2018 at 8:30 a: m. market players are expecting the economy growing on steady rate at 25%.However last quarter the GDP growth was 2.6%. It could be the main driver of the Greenback if the “trade war fear” fades away.


  1. German Employment change

Euro zone may face volatility as German Employment change report set to release on Thursday at3:55 A:M (EST).The investors are expecting some negative numbers to come out. But we are here will look for some good entries and profit targets into euro crosses so keep updated with us.


3 U.K GDP Q4.

United Kingdom will release its fourth quarter GDP report on Thursday at 4:30 A:m. Although the pound move depends on Brexit talk but it could drive GDP/USD to all time high (2018) 1.44 level. The cable has been trading in overbought zone and the market players are waiting for some fundamentals to show so they can thresh hold the pair to highest level and look for the level of 1.50.


Look at the chart RSI and Stoch in overbought zone, I am looking for a break Here for good risk reward ratio.


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