What are the Expected and Career Growth of Graphic Designing Courses in Dubai

What are the Expected and Career Growth of Graphic Designing Courses in Dubai

Employment Outlook for Graphics Design Jobs

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There has been a surge in the requirement of graphics designers all across the globe in the last decade and the need for such skill sets are only expected to grow. Dubai is no exception to this trend. 

Job opportunities for graphics designers are projected to grow at a rate of 1% over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). All the fields would not see same growth opportunities as others. For example, according to projections, there would be a 21% increase in the computer design industry, whereas there would be a 35% decline in the newspaper, book, directory publishing industries. This is no real surprise considering the global shift towards going digital in almost all aspects which drives the need for more electronic publications and usage of portable devices instead of hard copies like newspaper, books and such.

Job Opportunities

As a graphics designer, you can expect to find job openings in various ventures, including promoting, advertising, distributing and publishing specialized design services, and in the developing field of web design, especially online marketing and advertising. Some of the most popular job positions applicable for a person with a Graphics Design degree are:
Graphic Designer
Creative Director
Advertising Art Director
Production Designer
Medical Illustrator
Exhibition Designer
Interior Designer
UX Designer
Multimedia specialist
There can be a lot of flexibility in regards to working with different interactive technologies which can improve your job prospects. For example, being able to work for both print and digital media opens up far more career options where both of these are required. Usually, a graphics designer can achieve promotion to prestigious positions like chief/lead designer or creative director with like 4-5 years of experience. Eventually, after learning the ins and outs of the business, many designers take the route of entrepreneurship and start their own design studio or consulting firms.
The average salary for a Graphic Design Courses in Dubai is AED 83,711 per year. Experience strongly influences income for this job. As mentioned, with a few years of practical experience in the field, these numbers can go up dramatically.

Skill Requirements

We have a very competitive market today. It is all the more essential for graphics designers to develop a wide array of skills which can position them better to have access to more job opportunities. Let us take a look at some of the most important and common skill sets that a graphics designer should possess:
Creativity: Probably the most obvious and most essential skill of any graphic designer is being creative. Some have an innate talent for it, some have to strive more to develop it. This is applicable on several levels. For example, you can take an existing idea and mould it to improve upon it and suit your goals. Other option is to conceive an idea out of nothing and develop it from scratch. Both aspects involve creativity. Creativity is one of the most difficult talents to develop but crucial. It cannot be measured or quantified. It is purely qualitative and different people can perceive it in different ways, which makes it all the more complex. This is where experience plays a vital role. A designer can learn over time to tailor his ideas to better suit his clients.
Software: Designers need softwares to develop and provide share and meaning to their ideas. A designer has to be competent in the usage of the most common softwares such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator etc. You need to be able to develop images and videos, edit and style them, create charts and figures, develop animations, page layouts, and so much more. Being proficient with the latest technologies equips you to serve your clients better and foster a long lasting client relationship. It goes without saying a graphic designer is expected to keep up to date with new technologies and updates, so as to not slack off.
Typography: When we think graphic designing course, we probably only think of images and some animations. But these constitute a very small part. To develop effective designing, words are usually needed in some way or other, maybe to share and communicate information, whether in the form of a catalogue, newspaper and such. Designers should know about the different styling formats, fonts, line heights etc. Typography is an invaluable, and often underrated, part of a successful graphic designer.
Web Design: This involves the usage of mainly HTML and CSS in your code for frontend purposes. Usually, people don’t associate coding with part of a graphics designers job description. Coding might not seem artistic, but is certainly an art form. If a graphic designer has the knowledge of these subjects, it provides him with an additional tool to use for his advantage and designing purposes. Not to mention, it also opens up a lot more job opportunities.
Communication: While not certainly exclusive to designing, successful graphics designers tend to be very good in communicating with their clients. Precise communication is important on many different levels. A client hires you and expects you to understand his requirements and develop an optimal solution. This is never a one way communication channel. The nature of a graphic designer’s job is such that constant communication has to be maintained with the client, for example to make sure the designing is being done as per his taste, or there might be some changes needed. A two way communication is an absolute must to satisfy clients. No one wants to work with someone who isn’t responsive. 

Educational Qualifications 

A bachelors degree is required as a basic criteria to be considered for most positions. A bachelor’s degree program not only provides technical training in the graphic design tutorial, it also provides you with a well-rounded liberal arts education. Occasionally, some people do take more advanced courses in specific fields of graphics designing. If you are interested in learning graphics design or pondering over its worth, you can checkout Rolla Academy. They offer the whole course at attractive prices and their courses are well structured with lots of industry experience in the form of internships and projects of different tenure. They also offer placement assistance after the completion of the course. Rolla Academy has branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. For more info, head over to their website.

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