Living in the Metro city area including Delhi NCR, your air conditioner handles excessive demand. The buildup of contaminants within the system, wear and tear, and age of components eventually takes its toll and leads to higher running costs, degraded air quality, spotty comfort, and sudden malfunctions. Protect your investment with seasonal maintenance of your air conditioning unit. But you should select trained AC technicians for your AC Repair Services who adhere to effective and thorough processes to optimize system efficiency, sound levels, cooling capacity, and longevity.

We all know, In the Indian summer season you live mostly with the AC system day & night. Its practically your second set of lungs. It provides you with the air your breath and that is why it is of paramount importance to keep your Ac system clean at all times. Most air condition systems are made of two parts, the air condition unit and air duct. It is important that both and not one are thoroughly cleaned as the cooled air circulates through both before coming out from the vents to provide you with the comfort you need. The deep cleaning of both parts is vital to the overall of the indoor air quality.

Some major advantages of AC Cleaning performed by Professional:

  • Improve the health and well being of you and your family.
  • Improve the indoor air quality of your home.
  • Lower utility costs by improving airflow.
  • Extend the life and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

How do we know It’s time to servicing your AC system ?

Most of the time, your AC will tell you if it needs to be checked. Such as when it stops working or the air carries a bad smell. However, here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to know whether you need to have your AC ventilation system cleaned.

  • Is the air coming through AC not as cold as it used to be?
  • Does the air have an unusual or bad smell?
  • Is your AC Unit making an unwanted noise?
  • Does you AC work better at certain times of the day?
  • Have you notices molds growing on the furniture or the wall?
  • Are you or your family members frequently getting colds or flu?
  • Are you or your family members suffering from unexplained skin disorders?
  • Is water dripping out of your air units?
  • Have you noticed increased dust throughout your house?
  • Have your monthly utility bills increased suddenly?

And finally, you can always ask yourself: when was the last time, if at all, have I had my AC Unit professionally checked and cleaned? If the answer is “no”, why waiting? if you are one of those who are still avoiding home AC servicing, it’s right time to pick the phone and call to an air conditioning company.


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