How to get easily job in Aviation

The Aviation Training industry is often cruel to the newcomers and people trying to make it big in this field. Applying for a job is supposedly a tedious and daunting task, the best you can do is submit your CV to as many companies as possible and hopefully wait for a response; except it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, doing your homework on a company beforehand can make you much more likely to get a job.

Step One: Learn About the Target Company

When looking for a job, we often cast a wide net targeting as many companies as possible firing away our resumes to each of them hoping to hear from at least one of them. This is however very inefficient. Rather than the above-mentioned modus operandi, pick a few companies you would really like to work for and take the time to learn about them.
Before you apply, try to scope out the company and see what you can learn. Here are just a few things you should check on:

1.Glassdoor: Glassdoor is an incredible resource where employees can leave anonymous information about their salary, benefits, opinions of their employers, and plenty more.

2.LinkedIn: Linkedin can be used to look up the name of the company you want to apply to and see what information you can get about the people who work there. Particularly, anyone in particular or who you’ll work with regularly.
3.The company’s website: Don’t overlook the company website. You may be able to find a directory of people you may work with or the people you may be applying to. This can help in targeting your resume.

Step Two: Identity What Type of Work the Job Requires

It’s not enough to know someone who can hire you. You need to be able to actually do the work once you’re hired. Before you apply to a job, figure out what the skills the work entails and make sure you can handle it.
Let’s take a few things you can try:

Talk to people who have done the work: The best asset you can have when applying for a job is someone who’s done it already. If you know someone who’s done the work, ask them what the job entails, what skills helped them get the job, and what other applicants may not have. Want to work at Qatar airways? Perhaps network with someone you are aware of that works there or maybe a complete stranger on Linkedin who would be willing to guide you through it all.
Research the position itself: Remember Glassdoor and LinkedIn from the last section? Look up the position you’re applying for there, too. Even if the company you like doesn’t have detailed descriptions of your duties, a similar position at another company may. Of course, keep in mind that many jobs will involve a bit of on-the-job training to deal with the specifics. However, the better you understand how a job is actually done, the better prepared you’ll be when the interview comes up. The less an employer feels like they have to teach you, the more likely they are to hire you. This can also serve as a good opportunity to find out whether you’ll actually like doing a particular job. It turns out very often that people who aspire to be pilots often end up disinterested and disheartened at the amount of hard work that goes into becoming one. But hey, being a pilot is an easy job, said no one ever.

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