How travel insurance agent do frauds? How to tackle insurance fraud

written by: Ashish Pandey

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Ended the last era, somehow travel insurance has become a crucial part of all individuals, as most of the Australians are working and they frequently do business tour as well, so choosing best travel insurance plan is complex. As in some/many ways travel insurance agents misguide, miss lead or miss sell for personal commission.

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There is no question that the travel insurance sector is facing hard times but the problem of fraud can be tackled efficiently. Most of the travel insurance agents do fraud and mis-selling, sometimes it happens due to lack of transparent communication and surely you do not want to spoil your hard-earned coins. Today well dive into deep, how to beware of this.

How you can be trapped in mis-selling.  And these are the basic thing you should keep in mind when you are subjected to any travel insurance plan

  1. Types of plan: The hardest part of travel insurance plan is knowing which type of plan suits you. You don’t want to buy the wrong plan. In this case our agent can you guide better to go for comprehensive plan.
  2. Premium amount: every so often when you opt travel insurance you are not aware of premium amount how it can be calculated and, in this prospect, unfortunately you can be fooled.
  3. Claim settlement ratio: you must be aware of percentage of claim settlement ratio of company that you are going to buy.
  4. What does your policy cover: it is a crucial part of your policy that you determine, sometimes you are not aware of it: example: emergency expenses foe medical, faculty to provide you cash in case of loss of your wallet.

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