Intel® Compute Card – The Latest in Integrated Compute | Know all details

Intel® Compute Card – The Latest in Integrated Compute | Know all details

Presenting a credit card size compute platform by intel

Intel® Compute Card is just slightly longer than a credit card, but it’s ready to power anything from entry-level to full featured devices. The modularity and flexibility of this computer on a card allows compute integration via card slot into devices like digital signage, kiosks, smart TVs, appliances and more.   – Intel’s Official 


Intel® Compute Card

Today, Intel is announcing a new modular compute platform called the Intel® Compute Card

Intel is fast growing  future technology company in the world, every one know about Intel company that is manufacturing the cheapest kind of PC today, Intel  makes better and fast computer, in future they are planning to form a credit card size computer that would be more efficient and easy to carry than todays computer.

The Intel Compute Card has all the features  of a full computer system, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so hardware manufacturers can optimise for their particular solutions

it is the first portable computer in world wide  that reduces  resources as well as time needed to design and validate the compute block and helps speed up innovation to bring the power of intelligence into an ever wider range of devices

Let’s read deeper on  INTEL® COMPUTE CARD

Today, Intel is reporting another particular process stage called the Intel® Compute Card alongside a scope of accomplices will’s identity working with Intel to help quicken the biological community of arrangements in view of the Intel Compute Card. Intel has been a pioneer in conveying innovation to help understand the advantages of the Internet of Things and empower more brilliant and associated gadgets. The Intel Compute Card is being produced considering that, to change the way register and availability can be coordinated and utilized as a part of future gadgets.

The Intel Compute Card has every one of the components of a full PC, including Intel SoC, memory, stockpiling and remote availability with adaptable I/O choices so equipment makers can upgrade for their specific arrangements – from intelligent fridges and savvy booths to surveillance cameras and IoT passages. Gadget creators essentially outline a standard Intel Compute Card opening into their gadget and after that use the best Intel Compute Card at their execution and cost needs. This decreases the time and assets expected to plan and approve the register piece and causes accelerate development to bring the energy of knowledge into an ever more extensive scope of gadgets.

Certainty sheet: Newly Announced Intel® Compute Card, a Credit Card-Sized Compute Platform

Intel is working with an extensive variety of accomplices who share our vision that the Intel Compute Card could fundamentally change the way they and whatever is left of the business outline and productive an extensive variety of arrangements sooner rather than later. These accomplices are attempting to create items that can exploit the improved outline, simplicity of serviceability and client upgradeability of the Intel Compute Card. Intel is glad to work with driving worldwide accomplices, including Dell*, HP*, Lenovo* and Sharp*, to convey this vision to reality. Likewise, Intel is working with a scope of local accomplices who are largely hoping to convey novel answers for their individual markets. These early accomplices incorporate Seneca Data*, InFocus*, Contec DTx*, TabletKiosk* and Pasuntech*.

Intel Compute Card Products are:

Intel® Compute Card CD1C64GK

  • Intel® Celeron® Processor N3450
  • 64 Embedded Storage
  • 4 GB Max Memory Size

Intel® Compute Card CD1M3128MK

  • Intel® Core™ m3-7Y30 Processor
  • 128 Embedded Storage
  • 4 GB Max Memory Size

Intel® Compute Card CD1P64GK

  • 64 Embedded Storage
  • 4 GB Max Memory Size
 The Intel Compute Card will be accessible in mid-2017 and will accompany a scope of processors alternatives, including the most recent seventh Gen Intel® Core™ processors. For more data and to remain progressive on the Intel Compute Card, visit

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