Know major factors that dictate the choice between Copper and Aluminium cable lugs

Know major factors that dictate the choice between Copper and Aluminium cable lugs

if you have an engineering company or an electrical maintenance contractor pondering over what cable lugs to use or which cable lugs manufacturer to choose for your installations, this blog aims to help you.

Since you must be aware that cable lugs are very important electrical components used for connecting different electrical devices and cables. But, do you know whether aluminium or copper lugs is better for safety or how does aluminium and copper cable lugs differ? Find more details below:-

Take a look at the Cable lugs history

To decide which among the two cable lugs is better, you must take a good look at the history of cable lugs. So, what does it tell you? Since the great industrial revolution, an engineering explosion took place by the end of the 1950’s. During this period, aluminium came to the forefront as part of the innovations that were taking place and was widely used. Keeping with the trends, electrical installations started to see more and more aluminium is used. The electric cables made of aluminium were also popular and so it was common to use aluminium lugs for electrical connections.

So as you can see half a century before, aluminium lugs were far better of course. But, soon it wasn’t meant to be used for long. Why? Find the answer below:-

Copper Cable lugs came into the picture

Technically speaking, aluminium lugs had one disadvantage. As per chemistry, aluminium has the tendency to react with oxygen in the air and thus it forms Aluminium oxide. This sometimes led to the termination failures and damage to electrical devices. This is the reason cable lugs manufacturer started to produce copper lugs. So, what is the advantage of using copper cable lugs? Copper as an element has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. In simpler words, copper lugs do not expand or change with too much heat or current flowing through it. This is the reason, it is much safer to use in electrical installations.

So, what does it leave with us? Are copper lugs better than aluminium lugs? Not exactly. Read on to know why?

Can we ever find a conclusion on better cable lugs?

We have to take into consideration the fact that we live in cost-conscious times. Therefore, though copper lugs are much safer, aluminium lugs is widely used because it costs much lesser than the copper lugs. Another determining factor is that there are efficient aluminium lugs or aluminium alloys readily available now.

The case in point is Axis India Electricals Pvt. Limited, one of leading cable lugs manufacturer and exporter. They produce aluminium lugs which are made up of advanced oxygen inhibiting compounds.  You can also find a wide range of compression copper cable lugs as well.

Also, when you use aluminium lugs within the parameters mentioned by the manufacturer, the result is complete safety and protection. It is often found that not following the installation guidelines properly causes failures. Therefore, drawing a conclusion is a bit difficult in this scenario and unfair too as both the types are still being used a lot.

One solution can be to use cable lugs as per your specific requirement. Knowing what your customers want and which type is best for different applications and installations is of utmost importance. Aluminium lugs are used for cabling where weight plays a key role whereas copper is the choice for underground cabling

You can find a wide range of compression cable lugs at Axis India Electricals. The premium electrical brand is a cable gland manufacturer as well and exports to more than 80 countries. For more details, visit:

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