HDFS- Major components of big data Hadoop that one should learn.

HDFS- Major components of big data Hadoop that one should learn.

HDFS – If someone is looking for a career option in data analytics field then they must know about the big data job market. There are various job openings in the market that require big data Hadoop skill. It is well known fact that the core of big data field is Hadoop. Learning Hadoop first is the best way to understand how the data analytics field works. Many of the professionals thinks that Hadoop is a software, well in actual it is a combination of frameworks not a single software.

Hadoop is an open source technology, Combination of various frameworks. They are all parts of Hadoop and each of them have their own role and responsibility. It’s important to have complete understanding of these components. Madrid Software Trainings in association with industry experts provides complete practical Hadoop training in Delhi which makes this institute as the best Hadoop institute in Delhi among professionals. Let’s discuss the various components of big data Hadoop.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

HDFS is probably the most important component of the Hadoop family. The concept was first started by Google way back in the year 2000 by the name of Google File System (GFS). Later yahoo works on that concept and develop Hadoop distributed file system. HDFS consists of two nodes – Name node and Data node. The name node manages and maintain the data nodes while data nodes are where the data actually is.


Data is processed in Hadoop with the help of MapReduce. It consists of two parts Map and Reduce. Map is used for sorting, grouping and filtering, while reduce summarizes the results.

Hbase – The database of Hadoop HDFS

Hbase is a non-relational database which is design to run on the top of HDFS. Which allows the data to store in a fault tolerant way.


This is also an important part of Hadoop. It has two parts Pig Latin and Pig run time. Pig Latin can be used to write application. The code which can be written in 100 lines in MapReduce can be written in only 10 lines in Pig Latin. But in the back end of Pig Latin it is MapReduce that get the job done.


Hive is also one of the most popular framework developed by Facebook. Later it can be added to Hadoop ecosystem. It can process large data sets as well as real time data. Hive is highly scalable.

Although there are other frameworks in the market which are also gaining a lot of popularity like Apache Spark. Spark is used for mainly real time analytics. It can work on top of HDFS while processing real time data in lightning speed. Learning Spark will be an added advantage.

Currently the job market of big data Hadoop is growing at a very fast pace. People are getting good packages in big data hadoop field. There are thousands of job opening for big data Hadoop professionals in companies like TCS, Accenture , Infosys , American express etc.

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