The journey of a man is a never ending journey. In his one life, he plays so many roles from being son to a grandfather. In all his roles, he has actually been a guardian and protected each member of his family. Celebrate the day with much love and happiness by gifting one of his favorite flavor of fathers day cake. You for sure know that cakes have been a weakness for your dad. On this special day present your dad any of these tempting cake with your message saying “Happy Father’s Day Papa”.

This is the truth that in this world where technology has advanced so much, gifting has also been taken one step ahead. So, be you residing in any part of the world, because of online shopping you can now easily send fathers day cake anywhere across India and that too with free delivery option. Gone are those days where you have to go out of the house and search or order the cake in the bakery. A big thanks to the online websites, where at one single store you will get 1000’s of variety of cake which you can have it delivered to your beloved father.

Hence, be it any cake say from a cream cake to a chocolate cake, fruit cake to cupcakes, designer cakes to a fondant cake, all you will find at one place and that is none other than online websites. Now, sending regular cakes has been very common and although easy. This father’s day thing something new and different. Well, this is because your dad is your superhero with the superpower to keep each family member happy and delighted. So, with this let us see what are the best cakes available online which are best suited for your dad’s looks and personality.

Workaholic Dad: You know your dad and his addiction towards his work, so how about gifting a cake which replicates his workaholic nature, and of course that will give him that sweet lil smile on his face. These designs can be blue shirt fondant cake, super cake for super dad, the dad cupcakes, the tie cake, etc. Also, you can check for the regular cakes too where you will find each and every flavor you want to have.

Cool Dad: As a child, he has been your strongest pillar, supported and guided you in all your decisions. He has been one of your closest friend with whom you have shared all your secrets, and he has been with you in your every age of life. Your father is the person who is the coolest supporter of yours and always makes sure that you are been safeguarded by your mom. So, for these cool dads, some of the cakes are Delicious Jack Daniels Cake, Beer Cake, No1.Dad Cake etc.

Gymnast Dad: He is the person who never compromises on his health and so is you. As a cool fathers day cake send him this designer cake which has a theme of the gym. Trust us, this will be one of the sweetest gifts for your father from you children.

Fruit Lover Dad: Your papa never misses the flavor of the fruits be it any season. He is a person who can one time skip his meal, but not fruits. So, for these fruit lover dad’s, fruit cakes are the best. Also, as its the time for mangoes too, so do send him mango cake too, to get a perfect and joyous end of the day with lots of memory.

Chocolate Lover Dad: Chocolate has been a weakness for your dad. So, let’s celebrate Father’s Day by gifting him these beautiful and tasty chocolate cake to your beloved dad.

Coffee Lover Dad: You must have heard for tea lovers but very rarely heard for someone saying I am a coffee lover. Your father is one whose day starts with a cup of coffee and ends with coffee. So, on this Father’s Day, as the tastiest cake send him a coffee flavored cake which he will like the most.

Similarly, you can check for other flavors of cakes too which are the best and unique for your father and these cakes are very much as per the taste of your father. Hence, celebrate your father’s day by gifting him any of these fathers day cake online.


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