When a package is designed in a professional manner, it is likely to represent the product in an effective manner and it is more likely to get noticed by customers. For instance, a good Packaging Design India shall limit its script font and it will make the brand name to a stylish logo. You may use contrast such as a white letter on a black background so that the text gets noticed. It is crucial to remember that package design’s objective is executing a brand strategy and not reflecting the particular style of a designer.

Getting a busy shopper to observe your product in a store is an important aspect of packaging design. One simple rule shall help you- it is easy to read lower and upper case instead of all upper case, especially with longer words. Not only do you wish the shopper to notice the product, but also want them to recognize and read the product. A good design must be able to stand the “5 and 5” rule. It means a shopper shall spend just 5 seconds standing at a distance of 5 feet to decide whether he wants to buy the product or not.

Importance Of Product Packaging Design
Some of the benefits of a product packaging design are as follows:

  • Packaging identifies your product brand.
  • Packaging communicates with consumers, displays the product, presents an image, and offers instructions.
  • It differentiates your product from the competitor’s regarding its color, design, and shape.
  • Packaging is a promotional advertisement for a product.

Packaging contributes to 10 percent of the product’s retail cost. This margin goes up as well as down depending on the product you are selling. Electronic and cosmetic manufacturers spend almost 40 percent on the packaging cost. An attractively packaged product makes a difference when a product is sold. The extra cost and care needed for an attractive package are responsible for an increase in sales. Packaging offers consumers a kind of incentive or interest, which can help customers to try a product or to repeat buyers. The consumer’s psychology plays an important role and a product’s selection depends on packaging design India.

Points To Consider Regarding Packaging
The following points are highly important and they should be considered:

  • Packaging must be functional. It must protect your product against deterioration or damage.
  • It should withstand shipping and transport.
  • It must be environmentally friendly.
  • It should be opened easily and easy to use.
  • It must be tamper proof.
  • It should have a consumer appeal, a clarity that can make your product distinctive from other products.
  • Packaging helps to build the image of your brand. It is all about communication about your product and also building consumers relationship via brand image.
  • It should stand out from your competitor’s products.


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