Search Term vs Platinum Keyword in Amazon | What are platinum keywords on Amazon?

Before starting anything, let me assure my readers that i’ll cover all topics related (question written below) to Amazon Seller Account.

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Q) How is Amazon keyword research done?
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Q) Can normal seller fill Platinum keywords in Amazon?
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Q) What is keyword limit for amazon seller Central.

What is Search Term in Amazon seller Accoun

First of all we will learn, what is Search Term in Amazon seller Account.  When ever you will upload products or can say list product on Amazon seller account you will have to go through below shown screen. Believe me this is most impotant point to learn if you are existed seller or want to start seliing on Amazon. See the picture.

Search term vs Platinum Keyword Amazon
Search term vs Platinum Keyword – Amazon

Search term in Amazon Seller account refers to keyords or tags exactly same as we inser in blogs and other ecommerce product. Here you can add more keywords by clicking on add more. 

How to find Keywords for Amazon Product | Keywords to improve sale

The first step to find keywords is, think you are buyer and going to buy XYZ product. then search same products on different eCommerce platform. When you find exact product that was in your mind. Keep that keyword. Yes that was The Keyword for Amazon. Do same thing for all products that you are going to sell on Amazon Central.

What is keyword limit for amazon seller central

Keyword limit for amazon seller is 4 to 5 keywords. and no charactor limit. But try ass short as you can.

Now learn, what is Platinum Keyword(s) in amazon

Platinum Keyword In Amazon
Platinum Keyword In Amazon

Platinum Keywords are used by Platinum level seller or merchant holders on Amazon. Platinum Keywords allow a seller to customize their products in a structure customer see when visiting their storefront. Sellers using this feature maintain a parent-child relationship in their keyword choices. Child items use Platinum Keywords that are also assigned to the associated parent items.

Can normal seller fill platinum keywords in Amazon?

Amazon explicitly mentions that these keywords that are meant to be filled only by platinum merchants. It obviously means that it will not be taken into consideration if you are not a Platinum Merchant. Well it is no where mentioned that there is any penalty if a ordinary seller will fill this column.

In other words, Platinum Keyword are

‘Those keywords which helps your Amazon Products to reach the audience for which they are searching for’

These keywords were started as a part of invite only program which i think was dropped ( Not sure anyway).

As far as your next question is concerned about

How do you get them?

As i was an invite only program, hence it will not be possible for small sellers like us. If you are wondering to improve your products, then there are numerous things which you can do like

  1. Add keyword to your product description
  2. Add high quality images
  3. Ask customers to review you product and several other things.


Child items use Platinum Keywords that are also assigned to the associated parent items.

Amazon has different merchant statuses for companies and individuals who sell on the website with differing fee structures, product visibility and the classes of product they can put up for sale.

Above you read that three defination of platinum keyword. To solve this riddle, our team called Amazon Seller Expert. Now Listen Call Recording of what official tell us about Amazon Platinum keywords on Youtube who can use Platinum Keywords. How can use it and what is difference between Platinum keywords and Search Term


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