Rolex’s reputation in the country is not comparable to any watch brand. In many people’s subconscious, “all Rolex are rich people.” Rolex has a high reputation, but also many fake watch manufacturers have seen business opportunities, more and more Replica Swiss Rolex Watches have emerged in the market, so the identification of true and false Rolex has become one of the most concerned topics.

Then I will give you 3 moves today, I hope to help you identify the true and false Rolex.

1, laser small crown
In the face of Replica Luxury Swiss Watches, Rolex official is not without security measures, 6-point laser security small crown is one of them. This small crown is generally invisible and will only be displayed at a certain angle. Of course, this has already been broken by the fake watch. Perhaps you will say that since the fake watches have been broken and still say a fart, don’t rush down.

After zooming through the eyepiece several times, we can see that the original small crown has 152 moments, the part of the match head is 7 points, and the open circle is 14 points. The fake watch has the same shape and authenticity, but the number of these points can be different.

2, strap
The general strap is also one of the most common flaws in the fake watch. Because of the cost reason, the work of the fake watch is rougher than the genuine one. Those who are familiar with the genuine can generally see the flaws. Of course, this has a certain foundation for your work. Claim.

3, number
Authentic Rolex Each watch will have a unique number when it leaves the factory, usually between the lugs. And Fake Swiss Watches is the same number for each batch in order to save costs. If you go online and search for a lot of the same number of watches, it means that this is a fake watch.

Finally, to buy a watch, remember not to be greedy and cheap, to know that the sky will not fall, you must start with a reliable way; of course, to buy High Quality Replica Rolex Watches is another matter.


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