The Future of Testing Professionals

The Future of Testing Professionals

The knowledge of testing is used in different profession like block chain, API testing, Mobile testing, artificial intelligence, Docker and containers. There are so many types of testing like Unit testing, integration testing, system testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, interface testing, regression testing, beta or acceptance testing. Selenium Training in Chennai is the best training to get in-depth knowledge in to testing.

Block chain

Block chain is used in the banking industry and automotive industry where the demand for testers is huge. So learning testing along with the block chain promotes the job opportunities to the professionals. The data within a block chain is decentralized and the data is added to the block chain on regular basis. The data is not deleted or updated. Cryptographically the additions are made to the block chain network and the transactions are seen on every computer and transactions are linked to the previous transaction. It is not possible to change the deployed transaction in the block chain. So the testing part in the block chain is very confidential part and requires high level of quality. Selenium Training with the industry experts opens the door to multiple careers.

Micro services and API testing

Micro services and other services need tester to test the API end points. There are so many types of services like the web servers, data bases, and mobile applications. The URLs and the HTTP client interact to access the data and the requests are tested along with the parameters for the quality. The expected parameters are perfectly decided by the testers because if the end point requires four parameter and the testers send only three parameters then the status code is 400 status codes. Selenium Course in Chennai is the best training to enter in to the testing profession. There are chances to lose the security because of this. The integration layer in the service architecture are built very complex task. So, learning the API tests enhance the career opportunities to the testers.

Mobile testing

In the year 2005, Google introduced a new ranking algorithm where it is stated that if a page is not responsive then it is not considered. So, as like the web application testing the mobile testing is also important. The Appium is the mobile testing framework created by Dan Cuellar, a test manager at Zoosk. The testing skill in multiple areas will improve the career growth of the testers. Selenium Training Institute in Chennai conducts the classes as per the convenience of the students and working professionals.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is used along with the historical test data and it is used to test certain parts of the systems. Artificial Intelligence requires the daily testing activities and it is a good choice for the testers

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