How to claim your travel insurance | Speedup your Travel Insurance Claim

Making a travel insurance claim should be relatively up-front. Even so, there are many ways to speed up the claim process. Have a look at that tricks.

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In Short: Formalities for making a travel insurance claim
A travel insurance policy is usually a set of policies that comprise unlike types of covers for travel insurance like hospitalization, personal accident, loss/ damage to baggage, loss of documents like passport and visas and other belongings. You can claim your insurance benefits when back to your home town.

The practice and documents required for a claim will vary from cover to cover and country to country. We only can say for sure that All of them is mentioned in your travel insurance policy document. We would like to suggest our reader that ask your travel insurance agent before you buy policy.

Because this policy covers various you under different conditions, to make it easier do familiar yourself with the procedures and papers in case of a claim.

Explanation:  During under travel all the peoples love to enjoy chilling bank of the sea, Ice, sands or slopes or by wandering and watching wonders of the world.

sometime, things may go wrong. Baggage goes missing, can face baggage theft, flights are delayed or health issue during travel, all of which mean it’s time to claim on a travel insurance policy. Simply can say anything goes wrong, mean time to claim.

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Things to take care before you go

First of all never carry original paper if not mandatory, if it’s compulsion to carry that than You need to have a copy of vital documents  (your, visa, flight details passport, and your insurance policy) and take a copy of them with you. For extra protection, email yourself same in case of any misshaping.

Leave one photocopy of your papers in a secure place, perhaps with a family member back home. To make things right in worst case. That way, if they are stolen while you’re away, you’ll still have access to the details.

Travel insurance vs medical insurance

Report crimes Instantly

As anything goes wrong, doesn’t matter where you are, report nearest police station instantly. Most of the people ignore this point and has to face problem during claim of travel insurance.

It’ll be very tricky to sort this out once you get home and most insurers won’t pay up unless you’ve reported the incident to the police.

Formalities When Delays and cancellations of flight

If your flight late of cancelled and you missed that, take a example, you usually need written confirmation from your tour operator or carrier. Don’t worry it is easily available. Just go to counter and ask them for it. As you do late problems may rise but won’t be critical at any circumstance

How to Filing a travel insurance claim

Some insurance claims are quickly settled over the phone.  Sometime your travel insurance agent does enough fair and you not have to face many windows. Others will require you to fill in forms and include or attach copies of all documentation which we discussed above. many insurance providers allow you to fill all required formalities online over their web portal. But in case you are sending documents by post, take a backup copy for proof.

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