How to be a YouTube for Beginners

I want to be Youtuber. Surely this phrase has sounded in more than one home recently and many of the gifts of the past Christmas have been focused on what has become a future option for many. In fact, the Youtuber option appeared for the first time among the options in the Adecco survey. What do you want to be when you grow up? . But, to be Youtuber, besides wanting it, more things are needed.

A camera, a place to record or have the idea clear are, obviously, essential points to start. If you are thinking about getting started on YouTube, in this guide we give you tips for recording equipment, editing software and other basic YouTuber elements. In addition, we have the opinion of some successful YouTubers to help you in this new adventure.

When we think of the YouTuber figure, we usually associate it with videos recorded with the webcam, a juvenile room background and gameplays. However, the YouTuber world is much more varied and a clear example of this is Ter , the revealing YouTuber that has conquered us with his mastery when mixing disparate themes such as architectural systems with the attributes of Kim Kardashian.

There are also channels dedicated to current technology such as Clipset and Topes de Gama , others that focus more on the humor TiparracoSA and their banter hidden camera or Alesya Crocodile , which uses animation as a way to give free rein to your imagination. In short, a selection of proposals varied to offer you the best advice both at the level of technical equipment and editing or content . Here we go.

Choosing the stage

Before you start to think about the recording equipment, first consider where you are going to record your videos, since from the place will depend key aspects such as the need to use a microphone, light and even the type of camera you will need.

The criteria when choosing the site can vary greatly depending on the type of content you are going to do and the resources at your fingertips. For example, Ter and Alesya almost always record at home and depend largely on natural light, so the requirement at the time of selecting the place is the proximity to a window.

Although TiparracoSA records the vast majority of its videos on the street, when it records at home it also uses the same resource of recording near a window. But, yes, in these cases the schedule is limited, especially in winter since the hours of good light are scarcer. When recording outdoors, TiparracoSA usually chooses Retiro Park in Madrid, “it’s a very nice place and good shots tend to come out, and because of the type of content I do, I need to find people and it’s a very busy area , ” says Jesús.

In the case of Clipset, whose videos are also recorded at home, the criteria when looking for a place to set up their small set was different. “We built the studio where we had a place to assemble it, it has no more secrets, it’s the only hole in the house where we could do it,” says Carolina.

For outdoor recordings, it is best to select a place with which you feel comfortable and in which you can have more or less controlled the environment . Jaume and Carlos, from Topes de Gama, record many resources outdoors and often choose aesthetic and, above all, well-lit places.

Use common sense: look for good lighting, run away from places with a lot of background noise and clean the stage as much as possible. Remember that the environment is also part of the video.

Once the place is selected, try to find the best possible plane and, above all, use common sense; avoid placing yourself in a backlight, flee from places with a lot of background noise and adjust the stage as much as possible. In short, since the stage is an important part of the video, a well-maintained environment that is pleasing to the eye helps to ‘dress’ the final result .

The recording equipment: slowly and with good lyrics

Obviously the idea, what to tell and how to tell, is the main key to start on YouTube. However, since the product sold by YouTuber is audiovisual, the quality of the image, audio or lighting are equally important aspectsthat must be planned and treated with care.

We have already seen that the scenario is important, but if there is something essential for the Youtuber that is undoubtedly the recording equipment. The saying goes that how much more sugar, sweeter , but before launching yourself to buy a new camera, a micro or spotlights, first consider what you really need.

“When you start the team does not matter much, what matters is the content. It’s not only the material you use, but how you use it, how you get the most out of it, “says Alesya.

“I recommend not investing anything, it’s best to do it with whatever you have at hand, it’s like more creative comes out. When you start the team does not matter much, what matters is the content. It’s not only the material you use, but how you use it, how you get the most out of it, ” says Alesya. In the beginning, he recorded with a Nokia mobile and it was not until years later when he invested in a basic range SLR camera.

Although currently in Clipset have a professional recording equipment, their beginnings were also quite cumbersome in terms of investment. “When we started the investment was minimal, the camera was relatively cheap, we used work bulbs that cost 12 euros … As time has passed we have invested much more money,” says Carolina.

The guys from Topes de Gama are also in favor of starting with a more modest team and investing later. Jaume emphasizes that “to this day you do not need great things to have a well finished product. With a high-end smartphone you can record quality content . ”

Experts agree that the best thing is that, if you already have some material, take advantage of it for those first tests. If, on the other hand, the equipment that you have at hand does not reach what you consider minimum requirements, the most advisable thing is that you get a computer according to your needs. Remember that you will always be in time to update your camera, get a micro or buy some lights.

The camera

This will be your window to the world and it will depend on the quality of the image, the type of plane and, sometimes, even the sound, hence the most important element of the whole team . Again, the content that you are going to make also conditions the type of camera that will suit you best.

For TiparracoSA, since your videos are usually recorded at a distance from the action, the most important feature of your camera is that it has a fairly wide zoom and offers good image quality. In addition, it also appreciates that it has an optical stabilizer, a very important aspect when it comes to minimizing tremors when recording by hand outdoors. In the case of Ter, the lens should be just the opposite: a wide angle so that the plane is wider.

For Carolina Denia, the camera must be versatile: “You have to differentiate a lot the content that is done in a fixed place that when you make recordings in the street, you would have to use two totally different cameras unless you have an interchangeable lens camera”.

In order to cover a greater variety of situations, it is best to bet on a camera that is adaptable . Carolina de Clipset tells us that “the camera has to be versatile, it depends on the level of youtuber you want to be and the type of content you do. It is necessary to differentiate a lot the content that is made in a fixed place that when recordings are made on the fly, in the street and others. You would have to use two totally different cameras unless you have an interchangeable lens camera . ”

The reflex or the compact without a mirror are an option to be taken into account. The cameras of this type offer the possibility of expanding equipment without having to change the camera , in addition there are very versatile zoom lenses with which it is possible to cover different situations.

However, the glue of interchangeable lenses is that, compact as the camera is, they tend to bulge a lot. If you are going to record mainly with camera in hand and you want to give more feeling of video in the first person, the action cameras type GoPro can also be a good choice and with its wide-angle lens you make sure that everything will come out in the frame. Here are some ideas:

SONY A5000

This camera has a very compact design and its 180º flip-up screen makes it perfect for recording yourself. In addition, its interchangeable lenses make it very versatile.

GoPro HERO4 Silver

The GoPro, in addition to more sporty scenarios, are also an interesting option to record vlog videos and give them a more ‘first person’ format. It is also very compact so you can easily transport it.

Canon Legria HF R86

This camcorder is manageable and offers very interesting features such as the 32x optical zoom or the intelligent optical stabilizer.

Sony Handycam HDR-MV1 This

camera is designed for recordings in which music is the protagonist. It is compact and has two condenser microphones that record stereo sound.

Canon EOS 80D

If you have a looser budget and you want a more professional camera, an SLR like the EOS 80D can be an option to take into account.

Microphone yes or no?

Before we talked about the product that is sold on YouTube is audiovisual. However, audio is often placed in the background when it should be at the same level as the image . You can have an excellent image quality but a bad sound will tarnish the final result and will end up diverting attention.

The sound is still a challenge for experienced Youtubers such as Topes de Gama. For Carlos, the sound “is the great handicap of the Youtubers. You can control the video, you learn to illuminate based on trial and error, but if there is something that you do not have controlled, it is never the subject of the audio ” .

“The sound is the great handicap of the Youtubers, if there is something that you do not get to have controlled, it is never the audio” says Carlos de Topes de Gama.

Carolina de Clipset also believes that sound is the most important technical aspect and the one that presents the most difficulties. “Generally the image matters less to people, but sound is very important,” he says.

Audio problems can come for several reasons, but the most common are that there is too much background noise or that, due to the acoustics of the room, it generates too much echo . This is what happened to Ter: “At the beginning I recorded in my room because the light was still good, but it started to make bad weather and I switched to the kitchen, the problem is that there is a lot of echo and it is very annoying” . In the case of Alesya, although the technical section is on a secondary level, “sound is what can be improved, although I have never seen it as an impediment” .

At the time of recording the sound, both Ter and Alesya rely on the microphone that comes with the camera, while Clipset, Topes de Gama and TiparracoSA bet on lapel microphones. Obviously, the first is the most comfortable option, but we must bear in mind that not all cameras integrate good quality microphones . Also, if the room has an echo, the effect will be further amplified.

Lapel microphones are an interesting and more accessible option than it may seem whenever you are going to use a wired model, since wireless phones are usually much more expensive. In the case of Clipset they combine a micro with cable when they record in the studio and the wireless one they reserve for their exits to the outside.

If you need a system without cables, but it does not give you the budget, the trick used by Topes de Gama and TiparracoSA is the solution. What they do is use a lavalier microphone with cable, but instead of connecting it to the camera they connect it to a recorder that is hidden in a pocket of the clothes. One trick: to be able to more easily synchronize the sound when you are going to edit the video, clap your hands before you start talking.

Of course, keep in mind that having a lapel microphone, whether it is wired or wireless, will not solve echo or background noise problems , although it will minimize them. In addition, this type of microphones are only indicated in the case that the main thread is the spoken voice.

If for example you are going to sing or play an instrument, it is better to bet on a special microphone. One option to capture both voice and ambient sound is to use a desktop mic. Also in this case there are many models that are connected directly to the computer via USB, so if your camera does not have an audio jack, it is a solution to take into account.

Finally, a resource that many Youtubers use is to adjust the audio with an editing software in post-production. In short, video is important, but a clear and clear sound is a key point to transmit any message. Here are some proposals:

Giant Squid Audio Lab

If what you need is a lapel microphone for your high and clear listening voice, the Giant Squid is one of the ones that offers the best quality.


Another tie microphone designed for tight budgets that you can connect to both your camera and a smartphone

Zoom H1

If your camera does not have an audio jack, you can record the sound with this external recorder, either through its built-in microphones or by connecting a lapel microphone.

Sony ICDPX333

This Sony recorder is a more affordable option with which you can get a clearer sound for your videos.

Blue Snowball

A desktop microphone can be another possibility to improve the audio of your videos. This from Blue offers good quality and is affordable.

Lighting: natural, artificial or both

At the beginning we said that light is an important aspect when choosing the recording location , whether it is outdoors or indoors. If you are going to record on the street it is an advantage since only with natural light it is possible to achieve an abundant and very attractive lighting, but you also have to follow certain guidelines.

When recording outside it is better to avoid the central hours of the day, when the sun is higher , as it creates excessively harsh shadows. The sunset and the sunset, although they usually give us very photogenic scenes, are not a good idea either, since the light is more orange and changes very quickly.

Speaking of changes, we must also be careful with the passage of time as the light is changing and in the end you can join with shots in which the lighting and even the color are too disparate.

As we have seen, many YouTubers record their videos indoors, where lighting can present more difficulties. Recording next to the window is an option, but it is possible that the light falls from one side and the result has too many shadows. In this case, using an artificial light support to fill is a good solution.

Combining natural light with an artificial light support as a filler is a good solution.

For example, Topes de Gama record their videos in an attic where they usually have very good light, but they complement it with a pair of spotlights to eliminate shadows and make everything more homogeneous and, watching their videos, the result is very good.

But you do not need to bet on professional solutions, there are also homemade solutions that can look good . Ter example ingenuity strip and in many of his videos, in addition to natural light, uses a trick that could only have happened to her: “As support of artificial light use the mobile case LuMee, which is what Kim Kardashian uses and all my idols. It has LEDs on the sides that give a very homogeneous light that favors a lot and also the battery lasts a lot . ”

The light of the room itself or a table lamp are another possibility for recording indoors, always trying to be a diffuse front light to avoid creating too many shadows.

Obviously, a good indoor artificial lighting is easier to control and ensures that the result will always be the same, regardless of the time it takes outside or the time it is.

“In the studio we always have artificial light, regardless of whether there is light or not, so we do not have problems with the passage of time,” says Carolina.

As we said before, in the beginning, Clipset used a fairly rudimentary solution , but now all the lighting in their studio comes from LED spotlights. “In the studio we always have artificial light, regardless of whether there is light or not, so we do not have problems with the passage of time,”says Carolina.

Contrary to what may seem, it is possible to acquire lighting solutions that give good results at relatively affordable prices. Here are our suggestions:

Neewer Bestlight

This LED panel attaches to the camera’s shoe and offers homogeneous and soft lighting. It includes several filters to modify the color temperature of the light.

Neewer 48

Another solution if you do not need a very powerful light and that can also be attached to the camera is a ring of light. It is also economical and due to its circular arrangement it distributes light very well.

Bower Smartphone LED Video Light

If you are going to record with your smartphone you can have an auxiliary lighting with this accessory with 50 LED bulbs. It can also be connected to a camera

BPS 1250W 50x70cm Softbox Kit

If you are looking for a more powerful lighting equipment that allows you to work with artificial light, this kit of spotlights with diffusing windows is a cheap and effective option.

Yongnuo YN-600 Pro

This LED spotlight is a more professional option and will give you a powerful and homogeneous light.

Editing videos

Once finished the recording process plays edit. This is where many Youtubers are more eager, and the video may not be anything special, but with a good edition you can earn a lot and become a totally different product.

The trick so that the editing process does not end up being hell is to make sure you have enough shots and, above all, you have not left anything to record. For that it is necessary to be very clear about the idea from the beginning since it is easy to end up wandering too much in one subject and to pass by in others.

If you have clear idea when starting to record, editing will be much simpler.

Doing a script can be a solution, but more than a closed script, the majority of YouTube players we talk with plan the structure of the video in blocks or sections to leave nothing, but inside each one they allow themselves to improvise so that the result has more freshness. What is common for all is to repeat shots, not only because the first has gone wrong, but also because, as we said, it is always better than material when editing missing.

If you have clear the structure of the video when recording, editing will be much simpler, although there is always space to add new ideas that are happening to you on the fly , this is what Alesya does. “When you upload a video it’s a decorated idea. To begin with, you have to be clear about what you want to do, then everything else comes along, always as I go editing, more things happen to me. First I do what the skeleton would be and then I start to dress it . ”

Ter also plans the topics he wants to talk about, but his case is curious since he records everything in one very long shot and then extracts the best clips , although he recognizes that it is not the best system. “I do not turn off the camera at any time and there are times that I spend five minutes looking at the camera without saying anything, just thinking about the next phrase. The Ter that he edits is fed up with the Ter that records “he comments between laughs.

In the case of Clipset and Topes de Gama, being technological news channels that have fixed sections, the structure both when recording and editing is much more marked, but depending on the type of video, following the same structure may not be most appropriate . Carolina de Clipset tells us that “we have a structure when editing, but this is not always the best. There is a certain type of content in which you have to change more to make each video stand out and get that surprise factor that attracts the audience . ”

Use the editing software that you feel most comfortable with and remember that the computer, although it does not need to be professional, must meet certain minimum requirements.

About the program to use to edit, here it is best to choose the one with which you feel most comfortable and meet your needs. Although he does not record the videos, Jesús de TiparracoSA does take care of the editing and his favorite show is Sony Vegas: “I have recommended a lot of Premiere or Final Cut, but I have been with Sony Vegas since I started on Youtube and I am already a teacher . I have tried to put myself with other programs and it is impossible for me because I feel useless ” .

In addition to software, the computer is a key aspect when editing videos , especially if they are high resolution. It is not necessary to have a professional computer, but there are certain minimum requirements so that editing is a smooth process and does not become a nuisance. The requirements vary depending on the software you are going to use to edit, but usually we need at least 8 GB of RAM and a compatible graphics card.

Inspiration and motivation

We said before that the camera, the microphone (if you need it) and the lighting are important aspects, but the key to dedicate to this is not the quality of the image or sound, it is having something to tell.

The themes that can be played are the most varied. You can focus more on how-to makeup, bricolage or any other area, tell your experiences, expose your music, make a gameplay or analyze products of all kinds. Whatever your area, the important thing is that it’s something you like to do.

The possibilities are enormous and the choice depends on the skills and motivations of each one. For proof, the motivations that YouTubers had with which we have spoken were different in each case, but all agree that it was something that came naturally from their hobbies or their work.

For example, for TiparracoSA, everything started from his love of video and jokes. “Since I was little I’ve always liked to take my camera everywhere and to play pranks on my friends. When YouTube started uploading videos of my travels and things like that, later I got to know channels of jokes from the United States and I was inspired by them ” .

Ter has also been a great YouTube consumer since the beginning of the platform, although she admits that it took her a long time to make the leap to the ‘other side’. “I started with an outburst, but I really had been thinking for 10 years. I was very scared and once I am already inside I realize that the fears I had are there. It’s even more complex than I imagined, and that being a spectator for so many years I could have an idea, but well, I’m happy . ” And it does not surprise us that she is happy. Your channel already accumulates more than one and a half million views and more than 30,000 subscribers, which is not bad to have started in September 2016.

“I’ve never had the goal of living on YouTube,” says Alesya. For her, YouTube is a way of exposing what she knows how to do, her curriculum.

Alesya’s case is different since he did not start on YouTube to gain popularity, but he has always seen it as a platform to expose his skills in animation and video editing. And the thing worked, because thanks to his channel he got his current job in Weblogs SL

For Alesya, YouTube is the means, not the end. “I’ve never aimed to live on YouTube, I just wanted to expose what I knew how to do, it’s a different concept (…) I was hoping that someone would see it, like it and hire me, that in the end it’s what past . ”

Both Clipset and Topes de Gama were already dedicated to cover the technological news from their respective blogs, the video emerged as another resource with which to communicate.

Clipset were pioneers of YouTube ‘tech’ channels in Spanish . ” We started as a blog, we were already technology journalists and we wrote on paper for a long time and started to show products on video, something nobody did then,” says Carolina, although she admits that at first they did not pay much attention and simply used YouTube. as a repository of videos to complement the blog. It was not until 2011 when, winning the NextUp YouTube contest, they began to take it much more seriously.

For Topes de Gama, who also wrote on a technology blog before starting on YouTube, the jump to video was produced with the aim of transmitting information in a more dynamic way. “We recorded the first video because we wanted to explain something that in text was going to be a roll. With the video in a few seconds you explain the topic and it was like searching for a resource that will help us complement the information in text, but then it took much more strength “.

Differentiate or die

Being YouTuber is fashionable and, although it is a minority activity, it is undeniable that there is a saturation of channels of all kinds, so the differentiation is a key point to stand out from the huge offer available on YouTube.

To get your head in this ocean of proposals, creativity plays a key role. For Jesus, ideas arise almost without realizing “I have many ideas pointed and such, when I think of something, I’ll write it down but I can not say, I just think … I’m a little buzzing, that’s the reason,” he laughs. .

Creativity and originality are two key points to differentiate yourself in the enormous offer of YouTubers.

Ter uses a fairly typical format in the sense that most of her videos consist of herself speaking to the camera, but she makes up for it with some of the most original ideas, and who would relate to the Kardashians? with Russian Suprematism? Alesya, on the other hand, takes everyday scenes with which we all identify as inspiration , but exaggerates them to the maximum for a greater impact.

Clipset and Topes de Gama do not have to think about new ideas since both are dedicated to cover the current technology. But what seems an advantage is also a difficulty since differentiating in a sector in which there are more channels dedicated to the same can be complicated.

For channels such as Clipset and Topes de Gama that dedicate themselves to covering current technology, contributing something different is even more important.

For Carolina, the value proposition they provide in their videos is “the personal experience of what we have tried, the specifications are all there is but we have to go further. We have always dedicated ourselves to verify that everything that the manufacturer promises is true “.

The way to differentiate that have the boys of Topes de Gama has to do with the casual tone of their videos. “We always try to talk about technology in a very normal way, one on one. I answer as if my brother-in-law asked me ‘hey, Carlos, what mobile did I buy?’ “Comments Carlos. For Jaume “It is not so much the what if not the how. The format, the communication, that’s what differentiates us ”

When asked how they live the competition with other channels , both say it is not something that worries them too much. “The thing to get it out fast because you have to get it out quickly does a disservice to the analysis of the product and especially the user. What we do to get out before us is to make unboxings, a format that takes people’s anxiety a bit, but the analysis takes much longer, ” says Carolina.

Carlos de Topes de Gama agrees: “we try to analyze the product always as well as possible, regardless of whether you take it out sooner or later” , although he recognizes that before it was not so simple since they did not get the products in what is known as’ first batch ‘, but after so many years they are already on the top of the list.

The three’P ‘: passion, patience and perseverance

Perhaps because of the novelty, that of the YouTuber is a figure that is often distorted easily. Those who manage to make a living on the platform are few and, if they succeed, it is not overnight. For the vast majority that has made a hole in YouTube, behind there are many hours of hard work for nothing.

Also, it is not always a path of roses. Being on YouTube means that, in addition to being constant, you expose yourself to the world, both to receive praise and criticism. Get ready for people to think about your work, sometimes not in a very kind way.

It is also a constant learning process, both in the technical aspect as well as in the content or the way of communicating. It is easy to get discouraged, so you have to be very persevering and, for experts in the field, this is only possible if you are passionate about what you do.

When we asked the experts what advice they would give to someone who wants to start on YouTube, most agree: this is only possible if you are passionate about what you do.

When asked what advice he would give to someone who wants to start on YouTube, Carolina Clipset has it very clear: “That he does it because it is something that he is passionate about, that he does not expect to get involved because it is not true. Cases like ElRubius is one among millions of people who have a channel, even it took a long time. The growth is progressive, it is difficult to live on it 100% unless you get it right. ”

The advice of Jesús de TiparracoSA also goes along the same lines: “I would tell him to go ahead, but do not do it as ‘I want to be youtuber’. Or that he does, if he wants to be famous and leave it after three months. If you do not like it you do not get anywhere, that’s proven. In fact, the day I stop liking, I’ll look for something else . ”

Carlos de Topes de Gama believes that “You have to have a lot of patience. There is a false belief that on YouTube you can start making money very fast.When we started, we did not think we were going to make money with this, but it is true that now there are YouTubers who are doing very well and people can fall into the error of believing that it is simple ” .

There may be exceptions (we do not know any), but start on YouTube wanting to be PewDiePie is an unrealizable goal that has all the ballots to end in failure. The reality is that in this there is no infallible formula, the only way that is proven to work is to put passion in what you do, be constant and not stop trying.

However, finding what motivates you and passion is not always a simple task. If you are not clear one hundred percent, do not be afraid to try different ideas. This is what Alesya recommends: “Even if you do not have a clear idea of what you want to do, start now because that will make it clearer.As I started making videos, I learned my technical needs, on the fly . ”

So you know, in addition to having a camera, a micro (if you need it) or looking for a place to record, first find what you’re passionate about, that what’s going to be YouTuber will come later.

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