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DossaniPlus Studio is a prime extension of Pakistan’s Largest Online Photography Services and Video Production house. DossaniPlus Studio is a boutique Canadian based studio led by Kashif D. They brought a different style of Photography in the Vancouver Wedding, glamour and corporate industry. Only in their first year of running they met with great success which allowed Kashif D to open a new location in his hometown Karachi, Pakistan.

Online Photography Services

Life is for living, so Kashif Dossani and his team do what they love. Check out their stuff, look at their work. If they are right for you, you’ll know it. They look forward to capturing just a little piece of your life.


Wedding Photography Services

Our range of services covers the following:

Wedding Consultancy

  • Coverage of Pre-Wedding ceremonies and functions
  • Still and Video Photography
  • Portraiture and Candid photography

Corporate Photography

Our world is now dominated and controlled by the corporations. They have the financial clout and the managerial talent to call the shots. Their importance in all aspects of economy and business is growing and is likely to continue.

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