From the past 10 years, aviation industry is growing on a rapid scale. People are opting more for aviation courses like cabin crew course, pilot course etc. This is because of the perks this industry offers.

Earlier there were not many institutes providing aviation course in India. But nowadays, the time has changed there are many institutes available for the students who want to make a career in the aviation sector. The cabin crew course and the pilot course are in demand these days. Students can now enrol for the aviation course after completing their 12th from any stream. Many institutes provide their students with flexible timings accompanied by online coursework.

Let’s learn more about the most popular courses:-

Cabin Crew Course:

The cabin crew course turns students into reliable professionals. Their personality course involves learning to be polite, helpful, confident and attentive. They are also trained to work under great pressure and difficult circumstances.  Cabin crew course also teaches students to deal with unexpected situations and emergencies during a flight. Also, they are trained to give the passengers excellent customer services and help them with all possible manner, especially the kids, elderly and the disabled.

The cost of cabin crew course varies between institutions, so it’s important for students to research options and compare the total cost of the course and registration fees.

This course helps the students to make better decisions and to become intellectual individuals on as well as off duty.

The Airline Pilot Course:

The institutes providing airline pilot course all over the world have to comply with some international standards set. In the pilot course, students are made to familiarize with different types of aircraft and multi-engine flight technique. After Ground School, candidates attend Flight School for receiving a license. In flight school, they attain hands-on training and get to practice flight. The pilot course provides students to understand Standard Operating Procedures and airline philosophy.

Similarly, as the cabin crew course, the cost of a pilot course also varies between institutions, so it’s important for students to research options and compare the total cost of the course and registration fees.

After completing the aviation course the students are given the certification. After which they are offered placements and most institutes also provide on the job training. They are first placed for the domestic flights and their growth depends on their own job performances. Working with the aviation industry is prestigious as well as high salary job.


The aviation courses are provided all over the world by different institutes. So, it is advised that students must compare all the institutes in terms of what training is given? What is the fee structure? Are they providing placements? Is there any on the job training involved?  If any scholarships are provided? After comparing all the variables choose the best. One of the best in business for Aviation Courses in 2019 is Speed Jet Aviation. The students are trained under experienced faculty so they can handle real-life challenges. Also, they provide placements and on the job training.

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