NOC helps private, small, large or government employers to display their job descriptions, education requirements,  Find Canada NOC list related occupations, required skills and is also used by the government agencies to find out about the skill shortages in Canada

NOC is updated in a particular format,and the jobs are classified by:

  1. Duties
  2. Work a person does

Looking at a NOC could be very difficult for a layperson as it is not easy to understand just by looking at it.There are specific NOC codes, which are of four numbers for each code.It differentiates one occupationfrom the other occupation.It describes the type of skills required for the job, the qualifications and the type of industry to which it belongs.

1. Skill Level A:

This level classifies jobs that actually need a degree from a university such as:

  • Hotel Management
  • Mine Management
  • Event Management

2. Skill Level B:

This level broadcasts jobs demanding technical awareness and skills that are bestowed with a degree in hand and from training such as:

  • Technicians
  • Electrician
  • Plumbers

3. Skill Level C: 

This skill level showcases those jobs which are intermediate ones and usually ask for qualifications such as high school or job-specific training like these:

  • Industrial butchers
  • Long distance truck drivers
  • Waiters

4. Skill Level D:

This skill lists the jobs, which are labor jobs and are usually given on the job training such as:

  • Fruit pickers
  • Cleaning maids or staff
  • Mine /oil field workers

The minor and unit groups further contain more than 100 jobs options each.

As mentioned earlier, this is not easy to be done by a layman as you could get easily confused between the different codes and numbers and get all the more frustrated

How to select your NOC when you are immigrating to Canada through express entry?

Your past work experience has to be of skill type D or level A or B to be able to avail yourself with the express entry. The express entry also manages with the application for permanent visas so you could think about that option too if you want to consider under the Canadian Experience Class or as a skilled federal worker.

How to seek for NOC when you are immigrating to Canada as a skilled immigrant (Atlantic immigration Pilot)?

For immigration to Canada as a skilled worker, you need to have past work experience in skill type/level O, A, B or C.

How to Find Canada NOC list when your skill type or level is C or D?

  • If your skill type or level is C or D, then you may be able to migrate to Canada as a provincial nominee.
  • Under the skill type/level O, A, B, C you may be allowed to migrate to Canada through the previous discussion (Atlantic Immigration Pilot).
  • Under the skill level /type C or D,you might be able to work in Canada for up to 2 years. People who immigrate to Canada for work purpose only are the ones who live there as temporary residents but mostly after some time going to opt for a permanent residence visa.



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