If none of the players win the jackpot in a EuroMillions draw, the best prize will move over and be added to the reserve or fund for the following draw, up to a jackpot cap of €190 million. It can remain static at that level for four draws without a champ before everything is moved down and shared between the victors in the next prize level. The recent jackpot cap of Euromillions online lottery remains at €190 million, the biggest sum conceivable to win in the game. On the off chance that the big stake achieves this sum, all fund from ticket deals that would have pushed the best prize higher are folded down into the next winning level. The jackpot can move more than four additional times, however, if there is still no jackpot winner in the last draw, the fifth progressive draw when the jackpot is €190 million and the entire amount is distributed among the winners in the next level. This conceivably means various multimillionaires can be made on a single night.

History Of The Jackpot Cap
At the point when EuroMillions was propelled in 2004, the diversion was at first constrained to a limit of eleven back to back rollovers, with no cap on the jackpot prize fund. In the event that no player effectively coordinated each of the five principle numbers and two Lucky Stars to win the best prize in the twelfth draw, it would move down and be conveyed to the following prize level with winning players. In November 2009, the rollover rule was changed and supplanted with a most extreme jackpot limit (known as a jackpot cap), which was set at €185 million. However, as per the newly set rules once the jackpot reaches this figure out of the blue, the top would then increment by another €5 million. The jackpot cap of €185 million was in the long run come to on 12th July 2011 when Scottish couple Chris and Colin Weir effectively scooped the jackpot and the cap was properly expanded to €190 million. On 12th January 2012 the rules changed to permanent cap the jackpot at €190 million.

In September 2016, various principle changes were acquainted all together to produce greater jackpots on an increasingly normal premise. One of these progressions was to build the quantity of draws the big stake could stay at €190 million for before moving down and being shared between ticket holders in a lower price level. Initially, the prize all out could achieve its limit and stay dynamic for one draw before moving down in the second draw; nonetheless, these progressions saw the limit expanded to four draws.

Is There A Chance Of Changing The Jackpot Cap?
The UK EuroMillions gaming systems contain a clause that enables it to be raised or brought down up later on, expressing that Camelot and the EuroMillions Partners can change the dimension of the jackpot cap whenever.


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