What Is The Future Of Online Printing In India?

What Is The Future Of Online Printing In India?

Digital Printing is a billion dollar industry and with numerous industries making the big switch from analog to digital, it’s bound to grow. Online Printing India Industry is witnessing an upward growing trend too with numerous businesses making the shift to digital printing.

What’s strange is that while a lot of people believe that digital printing doesn’t cost as much as Offset or other printing methods, it surely doesn’t cut down on the cost of effluents. The reason why the demand for digital printing is growing bigger is that it offers better than results than the analog rotary printers.

The biggest advantage is that it eradicates the need for a technician and is a plug and play solution.

Plug and Play
The future of digital printing in India is indeed very bright since it has already eradicated the need of the engraving manager, colour master or even a printing manager. More and more businesses are flocking to online printing since it offers better reproduction of quality in terms of consistency.

A problem that Indian businesses regularly face is that digital printing requires the type of ink that’s imported. The ink or dye needed for digital printing is costlier than the ink used in analog rotary printers.

India certainly has a huge demand for Inkjet dye.

In the last three years though, the cost of digital ink has seen a downward trend. Experts speculate that in another five years, the costs would reduce further making digital printing much more affordable than it is in India.

Numerous reports have also hinted to indigenous manufacturers setting up operations for producing the printing Ink for digital printers.

Replacing Offset Printing
Online Printing India industry is gradually replacing offset printing and has already grown remarkably. According to CAP Ventures estimates, print in production copying and digital printing market retail value was $3.6 billion in 2001 and it rose to $50.5 billion.

According to Industry expert Frank Romano, not only Indian digital printing but also the global digital printing industry will see a huge surge (may double over the next five years) while offset printing industry may stay flat.

Graphic arts demands are also sharply increasing thus leading to a boost in digital printing. More and more printers are adopting online printing and the print on demand market is speculated to see a 14% boost in demand.

Bernhard Schreier, the CEO of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG once said that based on the historical, social, industrial and political insights and circumstances, India will surely be among the leading printing nations by 2015. It’s safe to say that Schreier wasn’t wrong.

Digital Garment Printing
A multitude of garment exports brought digital printing machines for sampling purposes. Getting the sampling done by process houses was too much trouble as it would result in delays and was often expensive. However, getting small in-house digital printers have changed the scenario altogether.

Now, garment exporters can make the samples on demand and send them in time to the clients overseas for approval.

Some selected rotary printing houses also use digital printers for sampling in India. Before the arrival of the digital printers, the rotary printing machine bulk production didn’t result in enough productivity. Digital printers have made it easy to sample and segregate the rotary printing machines for bulk production.

Key Takeaways
More than a decade back, experts claimed that India will be among the leading digital printing nations and the country’s surging demand hasn’t disappointed.

To counter the rising demand for imported digital printing ink, indigenous manufacturers are finding ways however much of the ink is still imported making online printing India costly. However, it’s safe to conclude that digital printing has replaced offset printing in the mainstream printing industry.

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