What Makes a Great Website?

What Makes a Great Website?

There are presently more than 600 million websites in the world. And when it comes to building a website, it appears like nearly anybody can make their own particular nowadays with online website building tools or some website design companies, it has become an easy and convenient task. But, what a few people don’t understand is that not just having an amazing or attractive website is an unquestionable requirement, but how your website capacities and fills in as a device for your business is what truly matters.

Here are some of the most important factors that will make your website do what it is supposed to do,


  1. Strong and Clear Message

With a specific goal to have an effective and engaging website, it ought to have a basic and clear message that all visitors can get it. The most ideal approach to impart your website’s motivation is through a clear message on your landing page or homepage. This will also help search engines order your website for fitting keywords and phrases.

Numerous websites online neglect to convey the core of their website to customers on their homepage and, in this manner, loses significant leads and sales. Your website is frequently a potential customer’s first impression of your business. Make the most of it.

  1. Content

The content is the meat of your website. People come to your website looking for an answer to something. Make it as easy as possible for users to find that information. Elegantly composed content will keep your user connected on your website and in addition helping organic traffic locate that content in search results.

  1. Easy Navigation & Functionality

Another important feature of a good website is navigation. Organize the information on your website in a simple and structured way. Think of the general path you would like a site visitor to take. In many cases, adding sub-pages to the top navigation will be the best option for organizing your data into relevant categories.

Thoroughly consider your web page’s structure with the goal that everything makes good sense in a logical flow. That way, when customers visit your website, they will have a less demanding time exploring to the data on your website that is most relevant to them.

Also the site should function smoothly, or will cause frustration from your end user and cause them to leave your website. Things to consider are load time of you website and making sure links aren’t broken or missing pages.

  1. Design & Usability

The website design should not only look attractive, but also function in a way that represents your Goals of the site. Make a design that lends to that end user objective, and make it as simple as conceivable to navigate through your website to achieve that objective.

If you don’t make a good User Experience for your website, people will get disappointed and leave. Having a good user flow will keep your viewers occupied with your content and lead them to your ultimate objective as a main priority. Having a responsive design will help expand a good user experience and is an absolute necessity now-a-days considering everybody is using a smart phone to shop or browse the web.

  1. Optimization

If your webpage is very well optimized it will help build your chances of a user changing over or returning to your website. Things to consider while optimizing is would be images. Keeping your images improved for web will build general speed of your website and making it simple for a client to navigate through the content without getting frustrated.

There are many more things to consider when developing a website and we would love to help you! Mail us on: sales@websitedrona.com and let us start Growing Your Business Online.


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