Why Python is Slow ? then Why it Still popular ?

Why Python is Slow ? then Why it Still popular ?

Python is one among the foremost wide used programming languages and has been around for over 28 years. one among the foremost common queries within the minds of most of the people, particularly novices and beginners, is why Python is fashionable within the thought despite its slowness? Or why don’t programmers or developers care concerning speed and performance limitations in Python? during this publication, i will be able to address a number of the most reasons for this.

  1. High-level programming language
  2. Python is interpreted and not compiled
  3. Python is a dynamically written language
  4. Global Translator Lock (GIL)

But Python Still Popular

Why Python is Still Popular ?

  • Active Community
  • easy to analyze and organize the data
  • offer cross-platform support
  • Python is very easy to learn and use

prerequisite to Learn Python Programming ?

Fundamentals of Computers and programming Enough to Start the Python Courses to start your Career.


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