February, March & almost the entire Summer’s designated as the Official Wedding Season and it doesn’t end here! It continues further from August to the October heat. So when this mind boggling heat & the scorching sun weren’t enough, your Best Bud decided to get hitched this Summer!!

Now here you are, mind boggled with your Wing man’s Wedding news & in shock of it being a Summer Wedding. Plus, it’s not your fault if your mind just stopped at the mention of ‘Marriage’. You’re a guy! So, when there’s a Dress code (or maybe not) & too many questions like, “What should I wear?” & “Where should I start?!” we’re here to help you out.

Try a Dapper looking Suite or Shervani in Grey, Royal Blue or Ivory shade, pair it with some exhilarating Perfume and a well groomed look. We’ve suggested some Ideal Fragrances like the Hott Noir Perfume & more as per different Wedding Themes. Read on.


If your Friend chose a ‘Nawab’ Style Traditional Wedding, you’ve got to show your Suave side with some fragrance that’s evident but not overpowering. One that can create an air of charm around you. Because hey! Weddings are great opportunities for meeting new prospects. (for you know, you!)

You’d want to wear something like the Hott Noir Perfume that comes with notes of sandalwood, leather, incarnation, etc.


If your Boy chose this, let us tell you he did not! His ‘Lady Love’ did! And he’s definitely thinking, “oh God, why in this sweltering weather?!” So it’s your responsibility to cheer him up, stay energized & available for your man on his Big Day.

A fragrance like our Hott Aqua Perfume Spray For Men (135 ML) will positively help you Champion the day with some Charm. Its Aquatic, Jasmine & Sandal notes have mood uplifting qualities. So you’d might want to hand a bottle to the Groom as well.


You’ve just got to smell so damn good if your Friend’s Wedding’s in a Barn or some native place! Tip – Dress light  & wear some elegant Hott Calypso Perfume For Men. It’s classy & has notes of Green Apple, Mint & Patchouli.

But wait…! Before the Wedding comes the Bachelor Party!

And if you’re chosen as the Best man, there’s a pretty big responsibility riding on your shoulders. So many arrangements to be made, but don’t forget to get your Swag on!

“Spritz Spritz” some (don’t bathe in it) Here’s an incredible Hott Swagger Perfume,

And… that’s a Wrap!

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Thank You. J

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