Bapu Asaram found guilty raping minor


A self-claimed god, a saint who has more than ten million followers all over the globe, has been awarded with life imprisonment by Jodhpur court in Rajasthan (India).

Asumal Sirumalani Harpalani, known as Asaram Bapu or just Bapu Ji by his followers, will stay behind the bars until his last breath. This revolutionary decision has been taken by honorable court of Jodhpur. Asaram Bapu was arrested in different cases of molestation, rape, murder, attempted murders. This judgement came under a case of rape of 16 years old minor girl, who once a follower and student of this man. we tried to break down this case into pieces so our readers can understand why and how this 77 years old man found guilty in these charges.

Its all started back in 2013, when a 16 years girl, originally belong to shahjahapur(uttar pardesh) found unconscious in her room by her warden in a hostel in Chindwara (Madhya Pardesh).This hostel is a part of one of Asaram’s ashram, where kids used to stay for religious study. The reports say the Ashram is built in very large area and it has it own schools, hospitals, hostels. The Ashram has employees, of course they are followers as well, doctors, mechanics and other people belongs to different professions. Anyway, when the girl’s parent reached to the hostel they were told that their girl is being controlled by some negative powers (bhoot prate) and if they want to save their child, they need to take her to Asaram Bapu as soon as possible. But unfortunately, the Bapu was not in that Ashram at that time, so they took the girl to Jodhpur (Rajasthan) where Bapu had long stay for his satsang schedule.
Next day they took train from Chindwada to Jodhpur to met Asaram Bapu. when they arrived at his Ashram in Jodhpur, entire family was taken to god man’s private room, where he was waiting to see the girl. Asaram Bapu said to girl’s parents to wait outside until he finish his sacred prayer with child inside his personal room. The room had low light, he asked the child to remove her shirt as it is mandatory to perform sacred ritual. The girl said in her statement, “during this time i felt uncomfortable but i had massive faith in Bapu Asaram so i agreed to remove my shirt. Once i was in my inner top, he started rub my back to get sex pleasure and forced me for blowjob. when i refused to do the act, he raped me”.

After this incident, the girl approached her family and told everything. The girl’s uncle registered F.I.R in local police station against Bapu Asaram. since the hearing of this case, many witnesses are murdered by Bapu followers or his gunda’s. But finally, the truth has won today and justice has delivered to victim and her family by honorable Judge of Jodhpur court MR. Madhusudhan Sharma. Bapu Asaram has convicted with five charges raping minor girl, wrongful confinement, criminal intimidation, criminal conspiracy and sexual harassment. Although, Asaram has further options to approach high court and supreme court but we believe the upper court will not show mercy to this child rapist.

well it looks like the chapter of Bapu Asaram has been closed like Saint ram rahim, both self-claimed gods are in jail but we should also not forget that India is a land of sadhu’s and baba’s. All baba’s are not bad. Hindu dharma believes in sadhu sangat, it encourages its devotees to follow the path of truth and saint-mat. Few bad elements of society cannot destroy the greatness of sanatana. ‘

people could be bad or good but not dharma, we should not point out any religion based on bad people. Remember “dharma makes humans not humans make dharma”.

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