When you are an original author, sometimes you may click the button to publish your article directly for saving times. Well, what is waiting for you may be all kinds of problems as a result. So, in order to decrease the frequency of your articles’ rejection, you’d better ask yourself some questions as below and answer before the publishing of articles.

About the topic

1.Is this topic hot?

2.Is it outmoded?

3.Does your topic stab into the bottom of readers’ heart?

4.Is there anything special on the b

reakthrough point of your topic?

5.Is the material of your topic adequate?

6.Are your topic material real and reliable/from the certain provenance?

7.What’s the superiority of your words?

8.Do you cognize it deeper than others?

About the content

1.Does the article have a strong personality?

2.I have stories in my mind, do you have any solution to show them? (Owning both of them is the best.)

3.Are the illustrating pictures taken by yourself?

4.Have you added any instruction with little words beside next to the pictures taken by yourself?

5.How many minutes does it take to finish reading the entire article? Is it worthwhile for your time?

6.Do you save time for your readers? Is there any paragraph dispensable?

7.Can the reader understand the main field of your platform via this article?

8.Is there any reading benefit in this article?

9.Do you solve readers’ daily problems more efficiently?

10.Do you convey your value point of view clearly via the content?

11.Is the content worthwhile to spread?

12.Can it click a hit?

About the headline

1.Does the headline illustrate the article clearly?

2.Can the reader get something relevant to his/her vital interests from the headline?

3.Is this title attractive for me?

4.Am I willing to forward it to FB/TWITTER when seeing this headline?

5.Are those reading this headline willing to open and read it on FB/TWITTER?

6.Does this headline make readers annoy to call others’ names after reading the whole article? Of course, we don’t wanna be scolded.

7.Can the headline be shorter?

8.Will the long-time readers know that it is written by me when seeing this headline?

About the layout

1.As for such kind of layout, is it helpful for reading?

2.Does it provides any nicer visual enjoyment?

3.Is this picture or GIF able to illustrate this passage or be supplement for the text?

4.Is this picture or GIF consistent to the orientation of the platform?

5.Will the long-time readers recognize that it is from our platform when seeing the layout of the article?

6.Is there any element to be simplified?

7.Can the header diagram express the content? Are the styles of header diagram unified?

8.Do you punctuate correctly?

9.Is there any redundant blank row?


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