If you are looking for a software or application to build a website, you will find that a wide range of builders is available online. Out of these, some are of the code-editor kind and some are the drag-and-drop kind. To elaborate a bit more –

  • Drag-and-drop builders provide standard, ready-made templates, and elements which you can simply drag and drop on to create your web page designs, without having to write any code.
  • Code-editor website builders provide the option to add your own code and create your own design, customized to your preferences.

One advantage of using the drag-and-drop builder with ready-made templates is that you won’t need to learn and do any coding, as all required components are polished and given, and can be implemented. This could be a good option for personal and casual blogs or websites, but a business website will demand higher quality customizable content.

But there is a downside to this. Drag-and-drop builders have only a bunch of ready-made templates and elements, and they mostly don’t have any strategies to enable customization of the design, so chances are the website you create may look somewhat similar to some other existing ones, that might have been made using the same software. This is not desirable, especially for a business website, because most of the existing successful business websites have a unique look and content, customized to the corresponding business’s products or services.

To create a fully customized and unique design, it is advisable to go for the online website builder software that provides a code-editor option, wherein you can add your own HTML (and CSS) code.

Now, there are few online website builders that provide both these options, viz, code-editor and drag-and-drop elements, but there is a downside to these two because of the drag-and-drop feature, which is that builders providing templates and drag-drop elements sometimes restrict or limit search engine optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics, which are highly important for the performance of a website. The automation processes set up to enable the dragging and dropping in this censor Google Analytics, and other similar tools, which as a result cannot be integrated with them.

The site that you create using such software hence will need to be constantly monitored and updated with these features later, which is complicated. For these reasons, any builder having the drag-and-drop option can be considered a very limited tool.

An exclusive HTML builder software does not provide drag-and-drop options; it just provides a space or platform to add HTML and CSS code and create your web page design. Such a website builder software overcomes that issue – the SEO and analytics will not have any limitations in a code-editor website builder.

Now, creating a design by writing HTML and CSS code is not exactly rocket science for someone with little or good knowledge of these languages, like a professional web developer or designer working for a company or business for its official website.

If you belong to this category, using an HTML builder software and creating your website should be a piece of cake for you.

And if you don’t belong to this category, i.e, if you are someone without much or any technical knowledge, and trying to build your website using an HTML builder software, you’ll need to learn a bit of HTML(and maybe CSS).

HTML is short for “Hypertext Mark-up Language”. The meaning of this can be explained as follows:

-HyperText is a method by which we can move around on the web, by clicking on special text (or images) called hyperlinks which brings us to another page.
-Markup is the marking or highlighting of the text inside HTML ‘tags’ (these are further discussed), to make them look different so that they are easily identified.
-Language, because HTML is a programming language, that has syntaxes, and code words like any other language.

HTML is not very difficult, even for a non-technical person to learn and implement. It consists of a series of ‘tags’. Implementing these on a code-editor platform, you can easily create a design for your web pages. So if you create your website entirely using the coding option, it might function somewhat better than the one in which the drag-and-drop method is used.

For the aforementioned reasons, a code-editor online website builder software is definitely a better option for the long run, especially for a professional website, as opposed to a drag-and-drop builder software.


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