Cleaning the Windows registry can improve its performance. You need a specific program that will erase what is leftover or is already outdated. Windows doesn’t do it on its own.

Use the free program Argente Registry Cleaner to do the cleaning

  1. Download the program . Choose to save the file to your disk.
    If the above link does not work, download the program from this page .
  2. Go to where you downloaded it and run the installer. Its name is Registry Cleaner . Confirm that you want to open it.
  3. The Spanish language must already be selected. Choose it yourself from the drop-down list if not. Click OK .
  4. Click Next in the welcome window.
  5. Click I accept the agreement and confirm with Next .
  6. Allows a shortcut to be created on the Desktop. Advance with Next . Click Install in the new window.
  7. Click Finish when installation is complete.
  8. The program opens by itself. Uncheck the Do not show at every program start box and close the warning window in which it appears.
  9. The main Registry Cleaner window opens (see image above). The most convenient thing is to keep the Enable automatic maintenance checkbox enabled . Press OK to confirm it.
    In automatic mode, cleaning is carried out every time the PC is started, even if you don’t see it. The program also updates on its own at startup.
  10. Do not change default Analysis option and Then click Next .
  11. The program reviews the registry elements that appear in the list on the left. Look for useless or outdated keys.
    The orange arrow indicates which part you are currently analyzing. The analysis ends when all of them are reviewed. It may take time to complete.
    A yellow warning triangle indicates that errors have been found in that part of the log. A green check circle means it is “clean”.
  12. At the end comes a list of results. Click the button to the left to repair selected errors .
  13. The program makes a copy of the registry before cleaning it. Close it when everything is over.

To run it whenever you want, double-click its shortcut on the Windows Desktop . It’s called Argente – Registry Cleaner . Repeat the same steps from 10.

Manual mode

In this mode, cleaning is only done if you manually run Registry Cleaner. You can agree on less powerful equipment, instead of the automatic mode. You prevent the program from consuming resources at every start.

  1. Enter the Registry Cleaner through its direct access to the Desktop.
  2. Close the window where the type of analysis is chosen. Press the Settings button . It is at the top right and is shaped like a cog wheel.
  3. Clear the Perform automatic maintenance at system startup check box .
    Also change if you want the way the program is updated. In the same window, click Update on the left and check for updates at system startup on the right . You can download them manually by entering here again and clicking the Check for updates button .
    Press OK when you finish changing the settings.
  4. From now on, to clean the registry you have to enter the program and use it as in automatic mode.

If cleaning causes problems …

The normal thing is that everything goes well. But it is not impossible to delete some element that should not have been deleted.

If the PC crashes after using Registry Cleaner you can restore the Windows registry to the state it was in. That is the purpose of the copy that the program makes before deleting whatever.

  1. Enter the program.
  2. Close the analysis options window. Click the Undo changes button at the top right   (it has the shape of a float with a green arrow).
  3. Double-click  Clear Record  (or click the + to its left). The list of the copy or copies that exist appears. Click on the one below (the most modern) to select it. Then click  Restore .
  4. Exit the program when the restoration is complete.


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