For every business owner, it is crucial to determine on which platform or design the mobile application will be developed. Basically, there are two major fields to target, one is Android and the other is iOS. These two are the most popular operating systems when it comes to app development or general mobile usage. As per the global study conducted, it shows that most of the mobile development processes are done on these two major platforms in contrast to numerous other operating systems. Whatever the type and functionality of your app are, choose a company in Delhi that has the skill and knowledge of application development as well as website designing services. Along with the mobile app, it is also crucial to have at least a basic website so that people can understand the motive of your business and the types of services you provide.

The Debate Between Android And IOS
Among the two major fields of an operating system, Android is more popular among people. In today’s market of mobile technology, Android, a Google product, is adopted by most users because it is user-friendly and supports downloading of third-party applications. On the contrary, iOS, an Apple product, is a bit complicated when contrasted with Android. Google keep updating Android frequently however, some users fail to update the OS till the manufacturer of the mobile devices allows doing so. But in the case of iOS, every user gets the advantage of software update as it is available for all devices. Therefore, choosing a platform depends on your needs but never worry as both have their own list of pro and cons.

The Result Speaks
Samsung, which is the main manufacturer of Android, has managed to sell 308.5 million units in the year 2018 when compared to 215.5 million iPhones. However, from the perspective of worldwide profit, Apple got ahead of the game with almost 80% gain from the selling prices. For this reason, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was introduced to the market. On the other hand, as per the practical world, due to the popularity of Android, it has been seen that the price gap between the two is increasingly widening in the recent era. The survey highlights that iOS platforms are expensive than Android and thus, they have doubled the yearly revenue. Being a smart business owner, the choice is up to you whether to choose an expensive platform or a popular one. Consult your needs with a company that caters both app development and website designing services in Delhi.

In the recent past, a lot has changed for both Android and iOS platforms. Today, both these operating systems have matured a lot and thus, support implementation of both hardware and software. As a business owner, you need to focus on what people are looking for, and based on that proceed your strategy along with the tech guys.


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