Home decor trends are something that changes the design scene from season to season, year on year. And as pillows are an effective constituent of home décor, we’ve focused this article on the most anticipated pillow trends for 2019. As people enter the New Year after all the festive frenzy, they will be looking for something that sets the tone for the fresh start with a statement. Here is some pillow trend forecasts that can be a sales boost for retail store owners, decor wholesale suppliers, etc.

  1. Boho: 2019 will be a year of expressive designs & Boho is one such pillow trend that adds the other-worldly charm to any room. Boho-chic is one trend that keeps on resurfacing on home décor trend lists which makes it a very wise decision for home wholesalers to stock up on Boho pillows. Get the best wholesale decorative pillows from Casa Amarosa, the leader of wholesale home accessories. Visit: www.casaamarosa.com
  2. Geometric & tribal patterns: Minimalism is a hot trend which has taken many homes into its charm in 2018 & will continue to do the same in 2019 as well. Geometric & tribal patterns beautifully complement this trend as geometric patterns adds an edge & tribal patterns are potential eye-catchers due to their miniature geometric designs. These instantly make any minimal room look smart which is why retail store owners must stack these up. Casa Amarosa is one of the reputed decor wholesale suppliers that manufactures, sources & customizes pillows, throws & home décor items with low minimum order quantities. Visit: www.casaamarosa.com
  3. Psychedelic prints: Psychedelic prints make it to this list of pillow trends 2019 due to the visually inspiring effect they leave on people and add a level of excitement to any room. Retail store owners could go for subtler psychedelic prints that never go out of style, this ensures the sales keep moving & your shelves keep re-stacking. Get an assortment of wholesale accent pillows & throw pillows at Casa Amarosa. To get access to unique, globally inspired designs that can sell right off your shelf, visit: www.casaamarosa.com
  4. Symbols: 2019 will be a year of individuality which implies a lot of room for symbols, literally. With so much of multimedia exposure, people will want to customize & add a ‘me’ element to their homes and home décor accessories. Pillows & throws will need to be customized to have any symbol, from zodiac signs to even animal faces. So if you are looking to cash in on this trend, get customization options for wholesale decorative pillows & more with Casa Amarosa.
  5. Shag: Shags entered the home décor design scene through rugs, tapestries and have climbed their way through to decorative throw pillows. Though they may seem like high-maintenance throw pillows, they are definitely worth it for the types of buyers who are high-fashioned & willing to shell the bucks for it. Their potential to add warmth, texture & panache to a room is what makes shag throw pillows a must keep for retailers & wholesalers. In case you’re on the search for top-notch, reputed, decor wholesale suppliers for wholesale decorative throw pillows, visit Casa Amarosa: www.casaamarosa.com

Some other home decor trends that will add an impetus to the sales of wholesale decorative throw pillows will be:

– Beaded, fringed & Passamenterie

– Usage of sustainable & natural fibers

– Preference for whites

– Floor pillows

In case you need more information regarding trendy pillows, throws or any home décor accessories, or simply want to share your views, you can drop a comment.


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