Star Cast Khido Khundi : Rohit Jugraj, Khido Khundi along with Ranjit Bawa also features Mandy Takhar, Guggu Gill, Manav Vij

My honest review on Movie Khido Khundi

Meaning of Khido Khundi | Khido Khundi meaning in English

khido Khundi  meaning in English

Meanings of ਖਿੱਦੋ in English

Khido Meaning is : Ball

Meaning of Khundi is Un-sharped / turned

Simple Superb and Energetic. You must go through with official trailer of this movie. Let me tell you my honest review on Movie Khido Khundi. In very short trailor, Ranjeet Bawa (actor in movie Khido khundi) easily manged to win hearts with their acting and heavy weighted dialogues. Their is saying in hindi, A first small leave is enough to predict fruit sweetness. I must say by watching khido khundi trailer that it is surely going to break all record. First time punjabi cinema presenting movie on our national game Hockey.
A question rises here, Why don’t our director show this Real Punjab. Why don’t our director shows the achievements that we achieved in past. Mark that punjabians left for forever on globe.
Trend has been started. Recently released Gippy Grewal’s Subedar Joginder Singh doing very well on box office. Audiance coming out with teary eyes. Hope Khudo khundi will be the movie which we can compare with Subedar Joginder Singh.

 Ranjit Bawa’s New Punjabi movie Khido Khundi Download Full Story

Download Subedar Joginder Singh | A heavy dose of patriotism that is totally worth your time

Story: Amit Khan

Producer: Talwinder Hayre & Kavanjit Hayre

Director: Rohit Jugraj

Release date: 20th April 2018

Khido Khundi is an upcoming Punjabi movie scheduled to be released on 20 Apr, 2018. The movie is directed by Rohit Jugraj and will feature Ranjit Bawa, Mandy Takhar, Manav Vij and Guggu Gill as lead characters

Synopsis of Khido Khundi

Most Waitied Punjabi movie ‘Khido Khundi’ to portray rich hockey inheritance of village Sansarpur (Village in Distt Jalandhar)

Ranjeet bawa’s Latest Punjabi movie “ Khido Khundi” story revolves around two brothers based on the village Sansarpur (Sansarpur is a village in Jalandhar district in the Indian state of Punjab). This is only place which served The India by giving many gold medalist who won for Olympics and for state. But generation of 2018 totally forgotten their name . And this Ranjit Bawa’s Khido Khundi movie has shown the bravo 2 brothers, who have been desperate & dedicated to the game of Hockey despite all hardships they face in life may be not unique to know as their are many players did face struggle in their beginning. Also, Rohit Jugraj’s directorial Khido Khundi has focused on Punjab, Punjabis & their love for Hockey

Sansarpur, a village in the Jalandhar (Sports city in India), has a rich hockey heirloom. The world-famous and in itself is world record that any individual village has given 15 Olympic medals, including eight gold and a silver. And all the Olympic awardee are from one clan ‘Kulars’. Showing the rich Olympic gift of the village, a Punjabi movie ‘Khido Khundi’ will present the spirit of the game.

Download Story of Khido Khundi by officials. Direct from Director Rohit Jugraj

“We will showcase the glorious past of Sansarpur hockey by using the old Olympic clips (between 1920 and 1968). Also, we will show the photos of the 14 Olympians — including the four who characterized Kenya — from the town. We did a enough research and took the help of the Olympians from Sansarpur,” director Rohit Jugraj told Hindustan Times.

Box office collection off Khido Khundi

Last week Gippy Grewal’s movie released Subedar Joginder Singh set the new benchmark and Stated the level of Punjabi Movies. Today it has been a week completed and Subedar Joginder Singh doing well on the box office.  As movie yet to hit the ground, so difficult to say, earning of Punjabi Movie Khido Khundi.  Stay in touch, bookmark us, as movie will release, our team will ready their tool kit, will update blank column.

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Its not less than any miseries for Punjabi cinema that today’s generation spends thousands on pizzas, burgers and on fashion but don’t know why tight their pocket for Rs 200 movie ticket. Punjabi cinema fairly on-going to grow their wings to fly high. And our Actors directors’ producers doing tremendously. From last 5 years standard of Punjabi cinema jumped high. To keep it continue and to make high standard movies, they need assets, at least minimum as much they spend on making of same movie. Our Producers pay millions of dollars to entertain millions of people specially Punjabi peoples. The producers need to make revenue to repay cast and remake profits, Illegally downloading movies is basically like stealing a movie off the shelf and people get punished for that so why not for illegally Download Khido Khundi movies. I bet if you were a producer you would like to make money because it’s your job and bet you would HATE it if someone was watching your movie for free and your millions of dollars going into this movie were not getting profited for and you weren’t making any money!

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Credited cast:
Ranjit Bawa Ranjit Bawa
Elnaaz Norouzi Elnaaz Norouzi
Mandy Takhar Mandy Takhar
Manav Vij Manav Vij
James Breakey James Breakey
Captain Ruff
Guggu Gill Guggu Gill
Henry Sewell Henry Sewell
Steven Ebbers Steven Ebbers
Oliver Meyer-Bothling Oliver Meyer-Bothling
Captain Jordin
Howard Richards Howard Richards
Nicholas James Ripley Nicholas James Ripley
Dick Duff
Mahabir Bhullar Mahabir Bhullar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Adam Lazarus Adam Lazarus
Andrew Scott (Lawyer)
Phelim Kelly Phelim Kelly
Court Clerk
Alpesh Malaviya Alpesh Malaviya
University Student

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