Vacations in Goa are a great time to explore this beautiful part of India, which is offering everything that a traveler can possibly explore. While most vacationers usually get stuck in the crowded, cliched places in Goa, there are places which will bring to you a mix of popular as well as offbeat places where you can indulge in a plethora of soul-gratifying activities and return home with fond memories of your Goa trip.

What are the Most Thrilling Activities to try in Goa?

FLYBOARDING – Flyboarding is an extreme sport, and only known to a bunch of tourists who like to keep track of interesting innovations such as this. Flyboarding is particularly famous Water Sports in Goa because it is only one of the few places where you can find yourself a flyboard and the right kind of trainers to train you to do it. In Flyboarding, you will be standing on a flyboard, which is connected to a watercraft. Water is forced underneath your pair of shoes, so you can fly up to a height of fifteen feet and then come crashing down into the water down to about three feet. This is an exciting adventure and definitely something unique for you to experience. When in Goa, make sure you undertake this adventure of a lifetime and go Flyboarding at least once.

PARASAILING – It is a thrilling experience that will give you an adrenaline rush, it is filled with fun and provides a beautiful and unique view of the surroundings. While Parasailing in Goa you can enjoy the awesome view of the sea while you fly high above sea level and enjoy the energizing flow of wind. You will have an expert with you briefing you about the safety and security instruction, guiding you about the equipment, and also the hand signals that you would need during your adventurous activity.

BUNGEE JUMPING – When talking about adventure activities in Goa, there’s perhaps nothing that can match the thrill of being thrown from a great height as you fall through the air, cutting the height one foot at a time and just a few feet before you get anywhere close to the ground or water, you will feel the cord around you jerk and cut the free fall short. There are some popular centers where you can go for Bungee Jumping in Goa. You will be getting all the safety gear and instructions at the center, following which you will be going to bungee jump. Before you jump the height, make sure you look around and enjoy the view.

SCUBA DIVING – Other signature Adventure Activities in Goa that you must try is scuba diving. You can indulge in this adventurous underwater excursion as the waves offer you a thrilling escape. The vast sea houses of Goa, along with a stunning species of marine life. You will feel invincible when you breathe underwater, as a whole new world unfolds for you. Though this place is home to many locations for scuba diving, experiencing the underwater world at the Grande Island of Goa remains unmatched. You will get a lot of time to explore the Marine world. Scuba Diving is as safe as it is thrilling, as the instructors are well trained and exceptionally skilled.

JET SKIING – Under the supervision of your instructor and experts, you’ll be given the training on how to pilot the Jet Ski. Therefore, you’ll be provided with a life jacket as well in order to avoid any intricacy. Get set go with a real adventure when you take a ride for your adventure sport. Jet Ski sport includes one to two people maximum.

Goa is the right place for adventure freaks to try out some unique and thrilling adventure activities.


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