The global pandemic has confined a common man to four walls. As one oscillates between hectic work from home schedules and household chores, it is important to take halt for leisure activities which may range from reading to playing games.

The video game buffs and enthusiasts are in for a lot of delicacies with technological advancements achieving new peaks everyday.

Their diverse realm stretches far from San Andreas to Minecraft.

One such game which has been making rounds among online players is the Rainbow Six Siege.

For the unversed, it is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The players are in all awe for this game owing to its thrilling visuals.

However error codes have become quite frequent in the game and contributes towards the hampering of a good digital experience.

One of the persistent sources of trouble for the players has  been the   Error Code 3–0x0001000b.

The most common causes for the occurrence of this error code includes faulty LAN connection settings, far located servers, mishandling of the files of the game, blockage of the game’s ports by the router.

Some of the amends one could look for are given below.

Confirm the uprightness of game files.

This method could come handy if one has purchased the game through Steam.

The user can scan game files for missing or corrupted files and download  them from Steam servers.

 Users are advised to adhere to the following steps

  • open Steam by double-clicking on the Desktop icon or searching the Start menu for it.
  • Turn to the sub-section of the library and search for Rainbow Six Siege in your library’s game list
  • In the list, right-click its name and select Properties from the context menu. Browse to the tab Local Files and click the button Verify Game Files Integrity.

The tool will regain any missing or affected files by downloading them again . and then start the game and see if the message Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 3–0x0001000b continues.

Automatically Detect LAN Settings

The internet settings of the user might have a huge part to play in the error as they often occur while connecting to Rainbow siege servers.

This solution caters to identifying proper settings in the game and avoiding the error from occurring again.

The users are advised to follow the steps given below.

1.Open Internet Explorer on your PC through the Desktop or Start menu. Select the icon in the upper right corner. Click on the Internet options from the menu that gives a list of connection settings.

2.Steer to the Connections tab and select Settings for the LAN. Check the box next to detect settings automatically.

3. Apply the changes and restart the computer.

Changing a configuration file.

Through this method, the user changes the settings of the server that the game connects to as errors also owe to the servers as mentioned before. The following steps are advised to be followed.

1.Open your computer’s File Explorer and steer to Documents by clicking on the entry on the left navigation pane. Select the folder of My Games!

2.Discover  Rainbow Six folder-Siege and double-click to open the folder “7564b1ec-0856–4f93–8aef-71232c035d75.” Find a file called “GameSettings.” Right-click the file and select Open from the context menu to edit it with > > Notepad.

3.To find a “Server” setting, scroll down to the bottom of this document. The default should be “default.” Change the next value to a three-letter server code. A list of available servers should be available so make sure you select the one closest to you. To save the changes, use the Ctrl + S key combination

4. Try to run the game again to check if after these steps the Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 3–0x0001000b continues to occur.

We hope that these steps can give a better experience to the players and they can resume

their thrill.


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