One of the most useful planning tools Gmail includes is the ability to create tasks from any message you receive. This tutorial will show you how to use this little known feature of the gmail application to its full potential.

Step: 1

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Step: 2

Click the more button at the top and then click add to tasks. You can also use Shift-T. When you do this a tasks list panel will appear in the bottom right corner of gmail. Any tasks you have added, from any source, will be listed here.

Step: 3

The latest task will be shown at the top, labelled using the subject of the email. Click on the arrow next to the task title and you can change details such as the due date, add notes and move it to a different task list if you have one.

Step: 4

To show a task as completed in the list, check the box next to it. The task will stay in the list as a reminder. If you want to remove a task from the list, select it and click the trash icon at the bottom of the Tasks pane. Once a task is removed, it cannot be restored.

Step: 5

Once you add a due date to a created task, it will appear in your Google Calendar on that date. If you go into Calendar and can’t see the task, make sure that the tasks option is highlighted in the left-hand sidebar. You can change the color of shown tasks using the drop down menu.

Step: 6

When the tasks option is selected in Calendar, a news sidebar will open on the right to show all tasks. You can manage tasks from here or from in the main Calendar panel. If you don’t want the sidebar to be displayed, click the X to close it.

Step: 7

Once you have created a task from an email, to back to the tasks panel in gmail where you can add additional tasks as part of that main task. To show that the tasks is a sub-task, you can indent it. Click anywhere in the tasks panel and hit enter to add a task.

Step: 8

Select the new task and tape a title. Like any other task, you can use the arrow to go in and set a due date and notices. Go back to the list and highlight the sub-tasks. Click Actions and then select Indent. The title will indent, showing that it is part of the task above it.

Step: 9

To remove an email association from a to-do item in Gmail Tasks, highlight the desired task (click anywhere in its title, for example). Press Shift-Enter and then click the X net to Related email option. Once the related email is removed, it can’t be added again.

Important Shortcuts To Create Gmail Tasks:

Using the following keyboard shortcuts can speed up the processes above.

Shift + Enter: Enters task detail view
Esc: Exits task detail view
Space: Marks a task complete or incomplete
Enter: Enters inline edit mode
Backspace: Deletes a task
Alt + Up: Moves selected task up
Alt + Down: Moves selected task down

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