Buying home in Mumbai is the biggest achievement in one’s life. Everyone has a dream to have their own home in Mumbai. As real estate keeps on booming, investors are eager to buy property in Mumbai. In fact, taking into consideration the real scenario of real estate, the rates have been better in Mumbai.

Earlier Mira road was not developed. Nobody was coming here to buy the property. But, now everyone wants to buy a flat in Mira road. Decades ago, price was less and people could have easily bought the flats in Mira road. Take 1 BHK Flat in Mira Road for the case and earlier the price was about 18-20 lakhs for the same. Now the price has been increased, the question is why?

People from several locations like Surat, Vapi, Vashi, Pune and Andheri are coming to buy property in Mira road. Mira road is part of extended suburbs in Mumbai. It has good connectivity to Thane, Navi Mumbai and other stations. Bhayandar is also very near to Mira road. Even many buses are connected to Mira road from Thane, Mahim, Borivali and Vashi.

Adding to the great connectivity, here at Mira road, several real estate developers are building their respective projects. There are more than 7000-8000 brokers to sell 1, 2, 3 BHK flat in Mira road. Developers here include Unique Shanti Developer, RNA CORP, Shanghvi Group of companies, Arcade group, Owtwal builders and many more.


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