How many times have you ended up a conversation with your client by handing out your business card? These little ambassadors of your business may appear to be a little old-school but still, work their charm. According to statistics, business cards can increase your annual sales by 2.5%. Further, business cards offer a conversion rate of approximately 12%, which is five times more than an average website. Almost 72% of your clients judge your business by your card. It creates the first impression of your brand and serves as a roadmap to opportunity. Here are some more reasons to prove if business card printing is still useful.

Business Cards Add a Personal Touch to Your Meetings

Business cards offer a more direct mode of correspondence with your clients. No need to exchange numbers, write addresses, or perform a sneaky inbox check. With a business card, you can simply meet your client in person and hand over the necessary contact info on an impressive piece of paper. You can spend some real-time connecting and discussing business rather than exchanging essential contact details. Once you head back home from a meeting, your business card serves as a tangible reminder of your convocation. 

Business Cards Create a Solid First Impression

Your business card not only communicates your contact info to a potential client but also creates a solid first impression for future correspondence. Business card printing is not only about putting your contact info on a piece of paper. It takes conceptualization and consideration to create a business card that uniquely represents your brand. Online business card printing service providers offer numerous tools and widgets to create unique designs that identify your business and leave a lasting impression.

Business Cards Serve as an Effective Direct Marketing Tool

You may attract leads through other modes of marketing such as emails, paid media, and search engine optimization. However, nothing works the charm like an in-person meeting where you greet your clients with a handshake and bid farewell by exchanging your business cards. You may encounter a prospective customer or client in industry conferences, tradeshows, or business meets. Business cards come handy on all such occasions to help you ensure that you never miss the opportunity of making a valuable connection.  

Business Cards are Always Accessible and Represent the Legitimacy of Your Brand

Business cards reflect that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. They serve as a cue that your business has an established reputation that can be confirmed by facts. Furthermore, business cards never run out-of-power like smartphones or wifi connections. You can use them in places where even digital devices may not work or need to be turned off. Business cards are an essential element of face-to-face networking, which are rather considered obligatory for successful business connections. An exchange of business cards is customary and culturally appropriate in many countries such as Japan and Hong Kong to establish a potential business relationship. Even in this digital era, these little old-fashioned paper rectangles serve as the fastest reminders of your business to your potential clients.


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